Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Saif gets revolting

Saif Ali Khan who has been racing with time to cope with his hectic schedules, was furious with co-actor Akshaye Khanna at the audio release of Race on Monday evening. According to an eye witness, Saif arrived straight from Alibaug where he has been shooting for Kunal Kohli's film and was made to wait for more than two hours because Khanna was having his lunch. This irked Saif and he was ready to leave the venue in a huff, until producer Ramesh Taurani convinced him to stay back.

An eye witness confirmed Saif's arrival from Alibaug where he has been shooting for Kohli's film with Rani Mukherji. Although the entire cast, including Sameera Reddy, Katrina Kaif and Akshaye Kumar were present at the venue at about 3pm, the audio release function didn't start before 5 pm.

The source said, "Saif was looking tired and irritated after the long drive and when he asked Ramesh Taurani about the delay he was told that Khanna was having his lunch and would take a little time to get done. This made Saif very angry and he almost walked out of the venue." Taurani actually ran behind him to plead with him to stay back. He assured him that the event would begin in a few minutes.

The insider also heard Saif saying, "What does he think? I have come all the way from Alibaug for the event and he is busy having his lunch."

Saif has been shooting in Alibaug and prefers not to stay there but travel to and fro every day so that he can spend as much time possible with girlfriend Kareena Kapoor.

Saif is getting insufferable. First he throws a girly fit over Race promotion and gets other stars in the movie to be pushed to background and now apaprently he thinks he's a maharaja. Everyone, stand in line for the Nawaab Saab! Disgusting.

Looks like he's seriously worried about Akshaye's stealing his thunder in Race!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

^It could just be a rumor. You shouldn't believe everything you read. Media likes to write BS a lot to cause talk.

Saif even acknowleged how he was working with Akshaye again after DCH- it didn't seem like had anything against him.

Anonymous said...

^When I say acknowledged- I mean I saw parts of the video from the event.

Anonymous said...

Saif said: I'm working with Akshaye again after DCH, and Akshaye is one of the finest actors in the country

akshayefan said...

By the way, I am deleting the first comment which i think is offensive towards Akshaye.

Filmi Geek said...
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Anonymous said...

And when you call Akshaye's commitment to a serious issue "idiocy" and "paranoia" - that's not offensive to Akshaye?

Oh I see how it works - it's only offensive if you don't agree with it.


Go ahead and delete this comment too; you've shown how much respect you have for people who don't agree with you - even for Akshaye himself.

Filmi Geek said...

Sorry, I posted the above - I'm not afraid to put my name on it, I just goofed and deleted the one with my name on it by mistake. I think it's ridiculous that you delete criticism of Akshaye posted by other people but post such thoughtless criticism yourself.

akshayefan said...

My criticism is certainly not thoughtless. i'm really saddened by the spectacle of such an intelligent man like Akshaye taken in by the nonsense about global warming. I'm a science graduate so I should know. BTW, he's not alone in this.

I didn't say he was an idiot or paranoid but I said global warming is idocy n paranoia which it is and I'm sad Akshaye bought into it. But that doesn't decrease my love for him one bit.

Now, what Saif has been doing is relaly really mean and underhand, thowing his weight around on the sets, promoting himself and sidelining other stars in the movie.

BTW, I don;t remember the comment which I deleted but it must have said something bad about Akshaye.

You can snort as much as you wish and I'm glad you came to post under your own login finally but I'm not afraid of criticism and I'm not deleting your comments.

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