Thursday, February 21, 2008

Akshoo jazzed up about his new toy

Akshaye Khanna with his prized possession — the emission free, REVA electric car. A chance glance at an article in a newsweekly last month got the actor all revved up and he promptly ordered the eco-friendly vehicle.
“I wasn’t aware that you could actually buy a car like this! The pleasure and personal satisfaction that I derive after using it is indescribable. It’s such a relief to know that you’ve not polluted the environment,” says Khanna.

Khanna’s car is custom-made with dent resistant body panels and can seat two adults and two kids. He’s been taking the car for his shoots and is quite enamoured by his latest purchase. Terming the car as “tremendously efficient,” Khanna says a full charge ensures the car can go up to 80 kms, which means going from Malabar Hill to the Santacruz Airport, twice over. It’s also very cost efficient and runs at 40 paise per km. The car follows one simple principle: drive all day, come home and just plug it in and it’s ready to be used again. “That makes it almost like a mobile phone,” says Khanna.

(Pune Newsline)


Anonymous said...

Akshoo seems he is happy about the new car! He loves to live a simple life. I guess that may be the new car is not that complicated just like the easiest and simplest type of mobile phone.

Anonymous said...

Aww that's kinda cute, he's all happy about his new car.

Anonymous said...

Really Happy... So Happy, I guess!

He said in an interview that he hates the way people drive carelessly and terrible traffic jam! He even hates noise!

Anonymous said...
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Radeepa said...
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