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Akshaye on Paresh

Akshaye is playing the role of a son in MERE BAAP PEHLE AAP and gets to yell at his on-screen father Paresh Rawal and discipline him. Akshaye Khanna says “There are many scenes with Pareshji where I yell at him and discipline him out of concern for him. It was a lot of fun. This film has situations where Pareshji gets into embarrassing situations and I, like a father, has to come to his rescue.”

Akshaye admits that Priyadarshan is avery good director who communicates the ideas and expectations clearly. Priyadarshan has contributed significantly to his career. “One doesn’t have to think twice before signing up with him. It’s always an offer you can’t refuse,” gushes Akshaye. Akshaye started his career with Priyadarshan’s Doli Sajake Rakhna in 1998, since then his career graph is climbing. He gave Hungama in 2003, Hulchul in 2004 and now it is time for another comedy MERE BAAP PEHLE AAP.

Priyan explains why he chose Akshaye for MBPA

Priyadarshan is continuing to churn out films at a standard frequency of one film every six months. Fresh after the super success of his biggest money spinner ever, BHOOL BHULAIYAA, he is now gearing up for his next release MERE BAAP PEHLE AAP.

Priyadarshan's movies are noted for their rich exotic visuals, songs and slapstick humour. As he is always known to deliver good quality comic fares, people are now eagerly awaiting to know what this ace director has to offer this time around with MBPA. When we asked about MBPA, Priyan threw some light saying, "It's a family entertainer, like all my other films there is good humour in this film too. The plot is very unique & pretty interesting for the very reason being that it has been set as a clean family entertainer which explores the relationship between a son who wants his widower father to remarry. My earlier films like HERA PHERI, GARAM MASALA, etc were more on slap stick humour but here I am trying to narrate a sweet story with the touch of humour. Something similar on the lines of my first film MUSKURAHAT.

Though Priyan has worked with various talents from Anil to Shahid Kapoor but he shares altogether a different equation with Akshay Kumar, Paresh Rawal, Akshaye Khanna. Admits Priyan, when asked why he chose Akshaye Khanna for MBPA, "I have worked with him in 3 films out of which both HUNGAMA & HULCHUL were box office success. And moreover my comfort level with Akshaye is pretty good and because of that I speak freely with him. Apart from that everyone knows he is one of the finest actors in Bollywood today. There is kind of sweetness in him, his smile, and the kind of body language he enacts made me choose Akshaye."

And about Paresh Rawal he says, "With Paresh, I have shown what best I could do with him and what best he could do with me - I don't think we both have done anything better with any others." He further adds, "Moreover, in humor oriented films - timing, chemistry, dialogue delivery, gaps between the actions all those things are very interactive, and so every actor has to be complimenting the other actor while performing so that the humour has to grow in the film and that is why I prefer both Akshaye and Paresh who have good timing for humour and it works really well and actually I think it has done its best in this film."

Apart from Akshaye Khanna and Paresh Rawal, the film has Om Puri in an interesting role of a flirtatious old man and Genelia D'Souza is obviously Akshaye's love interest.

This is good but have you noticed that there are a spate of articles out there which give equal billing to both Akshaye and Paresh as stars of the movie. Paresh is a good actor but to equate him with Akshaye as a star, especially after Race, is kinda mind-boggling. I don't think they'd have tried this with any other star.

Mere Baap Pehle Aap long dialog Promo

More Akshaye stills from MBPA

Akshaye makes Genelia comfortable on sets

The cute looking Genelia D'Souza who was last seen in TUJHE MERI KASAM (2003), MASTI (2004) is all set for her comeback in Bollywood with MERE BAAP PEHLE AAP and JAANE TU YA JAANE NA.

She is extremely excited with her comeback and that too with bigwigs like Paresh Rawal, Akshaye Khanna, Om Puri and above all the director Priyadarshan. However, initially the pretty lady was quite apprehensive to work with the seasoned players of Bollywood. Her preliminary perception about Akshaye Khanna was that of an intense and reserved person, who would not be that comfortable to work with.

However, her perception cleared when she experienced a complete different set of behavior on the sets of MERE BAAP PEHLE AAP. On the contrary she was very well treated. The cheerful actress infact admitted that "Akshaye is a no-nonsense person who shares a very good rapport with all his co-stars. He makes the environment comfortable for his co-stars." Genelia also mentioned that it was Akshaye who helped her during the difficult scenes of the movie. Many a times it happened that Priyadarshan, the director of MBPA, would not be around but it was Akshaye who made her comfortable at all times. Not once did she feel as a newcomer in the midst of seasoned actors.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Akshoo's getting moody again

Akshaye Khanna behaved in a manner most unacceptable at the recent press meet of his forthcoming film, Mere Baap Pehle Aap in Mumbai. After speaking for five minutes to the media inside the theatre where it was held, Akshaye suddenly jumped through the railing dividing the screen from the seating area, pushed opened a door and ran down the hallway on to the street!

And if that wasn’t enough, to get to his car, he ran across several car bonnets and dived into his car before speeding away from the venue and work at hand. Needless to add, everyone present who witnessed the act was aghast at the actor’s behaviour.

If Akshay is so claustrophobic around people and the media, maybe it’s time he considered moving into an ashram like his father Vinod Khanna, who too had quit the film industry in favour of an ashram in his hey days. But of course, Khanna senior had no such phobias and his reasons for opting for the ashram lifestyle were very different from his son’s.

Or maybe he was in a hurry.

Akshaye the farmer!

Akshaye Khanna always shies away from media. But it’s in front of the same media that the sweet guy admits his love for nature. And at the same time he leaves no scope to think of it as any star whim. “I am always been in love with soil and mother earth. That’s how I love to see all the vegetables and fruits at my farm. I feel like becoming a farmer and that thought makes me even happy and excited. There is nothing else that can make me happy,” exclaims Akshaye.

It seems Akshaye has thought of a new option for his career. But you must be thinking it’s high tide in his career in Bollywood and his films are doing quite well at the box office, too. Then why does he need to look for another option?

But at the same time we must not forget one thing. We are talking about Bollywood and career in this industry always means ride on roller coaster with steep curves at every interval. So, it’s always better to think of options. Besides, it’s Akshaye’s career and he must have the independence of changing it at any given time.


"I will never get married" Akshaye

Albeit Akshaye has garnered his fame as one of the moodiest actors, he has also been known as loved by names like Priyadarshan, Abbas Mastan and Anil Kapoor.

Whether as a character artist, a comedian or portraying negative persona, Akshaye has proved his prowess as an actor at every possible field.

After playing negative in his last film Race, Akshaye is all out to tickle the funny bones of his audience with his character in forthcoming flick Mere Baap Pehle Aap.

Q. How did you react hearing the title of the flick?
A. I guess this is the best ever title that my films have ever had in my whole career. It’s completely in accordance with the story of the film. Gaurav is the name of my character in the film and he always gives his father’s happiness the first preference. He tries doing anything for making his father happy.

Q. How would you like to describe your character Gaurav?
A. He is simple city dweller who prefers his job. He has a shopping mall and a loveable father. Genelia once asks me in this film, “Whom do you have in your house besides your father?” I reply, “Yeah, I have. I have uncles and unties, grandpa, grandma and they all come together in one human being and he is my father.”

Q. How do you sign all Priyadarshan films so blindly?
A. There are very few directors in Bollywood who knows about using actors in their respective positions. No actor can do anything alone and he always needs a director who can use the actor properly.

Priyan is one such director who knows that very well. In the same way Abbas Mastan, J P Dutta and Farhan Akhtar also come into the same category of directors who can use me properly.

It’s actually the same way as Karan Johar knows to utilize Shah Rukh Khan or Rakesh Roshan knows about placing Hrithik at his best. Priyan has the best contribution in my career. That’s how I always feel for his films.

Q. Have you ever rejected Priyadarshan’s film?
A. Yeah, there have been many times. But a good director never takes these things to his heart. As a director he knows very well that until and unless an actor can be convinced with the character, he never can portray it on screen. I am happy that Priyan knows it very well. We still don’t bother about any kind of formalities.

Q. This one is your fourth film with Priyadarshan. Have you witnessed any change in him as director?
A. Nothing. (Laughing) yeah, one thing is that he has become little older. Actually, his preparations are always very strong.

He is so good in explaining his point of view to his actors that they face no problem understanding and depicting their characters. He is very good a speaker. Most directors lack only this ability.

Most of the time they know everything but cannot make things clear to others. The result is, actors get more and more confused. But Priyan knows how to make things clear for actor with just a single line.

Q. How your present film is different from other Priyadarshan films?
A. It’s absolutely different. When the story is different then every other thing has to be different. But Priyan style is still there. Audience has well accepted his comic style and I believe that people will love this film also.

People have already witnessed lot of stories on father and son relationship but this story is really different where son it life the father and father is like the son. Father always is under guidance of his son.

Q. What’s the most important part of this film?
A. The most interesting part of the film was rebuking Paresh Rawal. Because, in my real life, I would never have chance to scream at my father.

I think audience will have a great chance to watch a feel good movie after a long gap. You will certainly feel better with everything around you after watching the film.

Q. Priyadarshan, Abbas Mastan and Anil Kapoor believe in your acting ability. Do you feel pressurized because of that?
A. Not at all.

Q. There was a somber relationship between father and son in Gandhi My Father and in Mere Baap Pehle Aap, the same relationship between a father and son is comic. Personally, which do you enjoy most?
A. Actually, there is no special genre that I can enjoy personally. My job is the most important matter to me. I enjoy them while I face the camera. That’s all.

Q. Getting little personal, how is your personal relationship with your father?
A. My father is more friend than father to me. He is such a man who never imposes any of his decisions on anyone else; it may be his children or his wife. He accepts people from the core of his heart. Believe me; I have met more than thousand of my father’s friends. He is really a social being.

Q. What’s the reason that you are still a bachelor?
A. The answer is ‘freedom, freedom and only freedom’. I have no interest in marriage and I will never get married. I think I must not be answerable to anyone. I neither like to reply to anyone nor do I like to enquire anyone.

Q. Please tell us about your forthcoming films.
A. Along with Mere Baap Pehle Aap, there are films like Anil Kapoor’s Shortcut and an animated film Ab Dilli Door Nehi. I have dubbed for this film. It was a completely different experience from usual acting schedules.

Q. Would you like to start your home production once more?
A. Not now. But, if I get really good story then will love to be a producer for that.

Santa banta

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Akshaye bride hunting

Akshaye, the multitalented actor said, “This is the best title of my filmi career. It goes with the subject as well. The son keeps his father’s happiness before his own. He gives more importance to his father’s happiness. The father and son both love each other a lot. This is the basic story of the film. In the film, the father is actually like the son and the son is actually like his father.”

He will be seen playing the role of Gaurav in the film. “Gaurav is a very nice person. He lives in a city and runs his shopping mall. He considers his father as his mother, his grandfather, sister, brother and everything.”

Akshaye has all praises for Priyadarshan with whom he is working for the fourth time. “He has really not changed much. He is very well prepared and makes life easy for an actor. A very good communicator, Priyan can relate and easily communicate to the audiences. There are a very few directors who use you very well. Priyadarshan uses me very well as an actor. I loved the script that he offered me.”

The actor was last seen in Race and Hungama . He also has the critically acclaimed Gandhi My Father to his credit. “There is not one particular genre that I like doing. I enjoy my work in front of the camera irrespective of the genre.”

So here’s looking forward to another comic caper coming our way this summer.


Monday, May 26, 2008

MBPA new stills

Oooh, he is so nice!

It's Akshaye season

Coming months are going to be more of Akshaye, as he is acting in in quite a good number of films. First one happens to be 'Mere Baap...Pehle Aap', which is a comedy packed entertainer. Next is 'Shaadi Se Pehle', where he will hunting for a bride for his Father, who happens to be Paresh Rawal in the movie. He is also part of the Anil Kapoor's production, 'Shortcut-The Con is On'. Finally plans are on to remake the South Indian Superhit 'Autograph'. Let's wish him good luck for his upcoming projects.

Autograph back on? But why isn't he signing up more movies after Race's huge success?

MBPA music release--Part 4

Saturday, May 24, 2008

MBPA website

The movie's website is out. It's nicely designed but it takes forever to load. I'll post all the cool stuff here in a day or two. Man, can't believe how much stuff is coming our way. I'm in heaven.

Ishq brewing between Akshaye and Genelia

It's not what you think it is.


There is something certainly brewing between Akshaye Khanna and Genelia as they confess about their 'ishq' for each other! Well, one can't say much about off the screens, but on the screens it is certainly time for both to croon - 'Ishq Subhanallah'!

'Ishq Subhanallah' - Yes, that's the title of the song which is now on the air after the promotional title song 'Mere Baap Pehle Aap' bombarded the music channels over last 10 days. Though this Vidyasagar composition didn't quite make much of an impression and only seemed to bring on some boredom, 'Ishq Subhanallah' has certainly got things on the right track, courtesy strong Pritam influence in this tune composed by Tauseef Akhtar.

With a mix of Hindi and English lyrics with rap in the background, the song is rendered by none other than Neeraj Shridhar who in 2007 delivered numerous back to back hits, the biggest of them being 'Hare Krishna Hare Raam' [BHOOL BHULAIYAA].

A catchy dance number that has Alisha Chinoy partnering Neeraj, it is currently being shown as a part of a montage for MERE BAAP PEHLE AAP. Now one hopes that a music video is being made pronto for 'Ishq Subhanallah' which undoubtedly is the best song of the enterprise and should make a good impression if promoted aggressively.

We are waiting!

Working with Akshaye terrific--- Genelia

Snippets from genelia's interview:

Your next release is the Priyadarshan comedy Mere Baap Pehle Aap. The title itself makes you smile. What’s the film all about?
Yeah precisely that’s the basic idea why we chose the title because it’s a family comedy entertainer. It’s about a guy searching for a bride for his father and the entire hilarious journey.

What about your character in the film?
Well, I play a girl who helps Akshaye in searching for a bride for his father. She is a very lovable character.

So are you the one who plays the bride in the end?
Hmmm…for that you will have to come and watch the film.

You are working with seasoned actors like Akshaye Khanna, Paresh Rawal and Om Puri in Mere Baap Pehle Aap? How has been the experience?
Fabulous. I feel for someone like me who is not from a filmy family, one of the only ways you can learn is by being a keen observer of such experienced stars. Working on Mere Baap Pehle Aap gave me that chance. It was indeed a really good learning experience for me watching actors like Akshaye, Pareshji and Om Puri ji perform.

Mere Baap Pehle Aap was indeed a really good learning experience for me, watching actors like Akshaye, Pareshji and Om Puri ji perform.
A lot of people feel Akshaye is quite an introvert. So did he open up to you?
I’ve had a terrific working relationship with Akshaye Khanna. I feel he is a lot quieter than some of the other actors but he is definitely not uncomfortable to be with.

More MBPA music release videos

Another one:

Go here to watch video from Rediff

Akshaye stands up for freedom of expression

Looks like I've been too harsh on Akshaye. Maybe he shot for this song and was carted out to the release function in the same outfit. That makes sense.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Fashion gaffe

Akshaye is getting terrible reviews for his MBPA music launch getup from the blogosphere. Akshaye should realise that Bollywood is being watched by a growing international audience and he has to come out of his moody shell and present himself impeccably.

It's not just how you act in the three hours of a movie that counts for your stardom. In today's world, it's what you wear, how you move, what you say also count. It should be so easy for him. He is naturally so goodlooking and stylish to boot. He has hits, even his bitterest detractors acknowledge he is a talented actor, so what's holding him back from being a superstar?

It's this nonchalance. All he has to do is take interest and groom himself. When the style standards are being set by the likes of Saif and John ( his inferiors in looks and talent), Akshaye is relapsing into a Govinda-Jeetendra Bollywood type of hero. Our Akshaye! Who would've thought?

Akshaye disappears during shooting

Recently on the sets of Mere Baap Pehle Aap, the star of the film went missing. Akshaye Khanna and Genelia D’souza were busy shooting for a dream sequence. As soon as a break was announced, Akshaye did a vanishing act and everyone on the sets was busy looking for him.

Apparently, Akshaye had walked over to another set nearby where Govinda and Amisha Patel were shooting. Finally, director Priyadarshan had to come over and ask Akshaye to return.

Priyadarshan was recently in the news regarding the same film. Vicky Ranaut had filed a case against Priyan saying the latter has stolen his script. This made Priyan change the title, Mere Baap Ki Shaadi to Mere Baap, Pehle Aap. While the actors feign ignorance about this issue, Priyan says, “This is the remake of a Malayalam film called Ishtam. Once he (Vicky) makes the film, for all you know he may get sued by makers of the original.” Well, looks like there is a solid dearth of original scripts. First, we had only Priyan making remakes of Malayalam films. Now there are many others joining the group.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Acting pricey?

First it was Bipasha Basu, who is believed to have walked out of the next Abbas-Mustan film. And now, Akshaye Khanna is acting pricey with the duo.

The directors decided to turn producers a while ago. They are now ready to start their first film, which will, however, be not directed by them. Writer-turned-director Rumi Jaffrey has been roped in to direct the film.

Little did the brothers know that they would face so many problems in trying to retain their battery of faithful stars. Bipasha was the first to go. The actress had readily agreed to be a part of their next film. But once she heard that the film would not be directed by Abbas-Mustan but Jaffrey, she walked out of the movie.

The second casualty is reportedly Akshaye Khanna. Apparently when the duo approached him for the same film, he readily agreed to do it, but demanded a huge fee. When the duo reminded him of their long association and asked him to be reasonable, he turned around and told them that he would never have discussed money if they were directing the film!

Now that's the price Abbas-Mustan are paying for not directing the film!

Will Akshaye lose Abbas-Mustan projects because of this? i hope not.

MBPA music release--Part 3

Hey, Akshaye used to go to these kind of events wearing the dullest of pastels. Now he is done the completely opposite and wearing really flashy clothes that could rival his Shaadi Se Pehle wardrobe. Now if there's a psychologist out there who can read mood changes from wardrobe change?

MBPA music release--Part 2

Akshaye at MBPA Audio Release

I think he waxed his chest too. It needs getting adjusted to.