Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Rosa falls for Akshaye

Saif Ali Khan’s ex-beau Rosa Catalano seems miffed with people referring to her as the ‘latest firang item-girl all set to upstage Yana (Gupta)’. Snatching time from her favourite Capoeira (a native Brazilian dance-exercise) fitness sessions, she says that she feels cornered.

“It’s true that dancing is my passion and I have done item-songs for a few Bollywood movies like Shaurya and the upcoming Sunny Deol’s Chamku. But I hate being tagged as an ‘item-dancer’, ‘cos there’s much more to me. Producers have now signed me on for well-defined roles like in this next Sunny Deol starrer directed by Neeraj Pathak. Then there is yet another movie Ek Second - Jo Zindagi Badal De to be directed by Partho Ghosh where I have already shot for the role of Jackie Shroff’s foreigner wife,” says Rosa.

She says that her dream on screen hero is none other than the suave Akshaye Khanna.

Rosa who’s an Italian says that she wants to meet Sonia Gandhi who also born in Italy.

“The way Soniaji has blended so beautifully into the Indian culture, her moral strength and leadership qualities are truly an inspiration for me,” she says.

Before she signs off, we decided to irritate her with the same ‘Saif’ question. So wasn’t Rosa hunting for a new emotional anchor after her bizarre break-up with Saif?

“Since I believe in giving 100 per cent to a relationship, I am in no frantic hurry to get hooked on to someone just for the heck of it. Right now I am enjoying my single status, while my ‘work’ is my constant partner,” she declares as a parting shot.

Akshaye scores another one.


Anonymous said...

Wow, Rosa likes Akshaye Khanna...Hope, Saif doesn't mind that his ex- wishes to do a movie with Akshoo as her screen hero...

Milli said...

^I would prefer if the beautiful and sexy wife of Hrithik Roshan - Suzanne Roshan says that she would like Akshaye Khanna as her screen hero someday if she decides to act.

What do you think?
Akshaye Khanna and Suzanne Roshan as onscreen couple!

Anonymous said...

That's why I always said that Akshoo should always remain as a bachelor for life. In this way, some females would yearn to be with him at least onscreen. ;)