Thursday, May 1, 2008

Akshaye, dark horse of the year!

Hulchul and Hugama were not only hits but there's a lot of goodwill in public about them. Many of my friends who don't normally care for Akshaye really liked him in those two movies. MBPA is looking damn funny and good too. Is he on a way to a hat-trick with Priyan? Second straight hit of the year? First major solo hit? Finally, getting his due at the box-office?

If he does it, it will be on his own with no help from bollywood bigwigs. Go Akshoo!

BTW, I have watched the promo already like 15 times in the last 20 minutes.

First thought. Genelia is looking good too. She will make a nice couple with Akshaye.

Second thought. Will Akshaye be overwhelmed by Paresh and Om Puri or will he hold his own?

Third thought. Akshaye's pronunciation is remarkable. When he says sadguni, the ni at the end ,which many can't pronounce properly, is so spot on.

Lastly, they haven't shown Shobhana yet. The best is yet to come.


Anonymous said...

Inshaah Allah, Amen. If the script is good, then MBPA will surely be a hit. And, Akshaye Khanna is able to impress the audiences and critics with his outstanding performance...then we can consider that he has a solo hit this year. I hope Shortkut will be released this year 2008 too. Only then, he will get three hits in rows!

Anonymous said...

Is there a romantic side in this comedy flick? I want to watch Akshaye Khanna and Genelia D'souza romancing with each other. They seem cute together.

Anonymous said...

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