Saturday, January 8, 2011

I second Beth

No one will be surprised to hear that I laughed like a loon at much of Akshaye Khanna's performance, ridiculous as it was. Even in Priyadarshan films I haven't seen him go overboard like he did here, and for a fan like me it was a fun experiment. He tempered the jaw-clenching nicely with a few puzzled, the-lightbulb-is-almost-on looks as his manager kept insisting something was fishy. And the very idea of Akshaye as that kind of superstar is a hoot in itself. That said, even effectively channeling dacoit-era Hot Papa Khanna with the angry shouting, sash, and black tilak, I think he'll do better long-term in more nuanced secondary roles like Aaja Nachle and Luck by Chance. I'm just glad I got to see him on the big screen without having to resort to Shortkut or No Problem.

Whatever the problems of TMK as a film, for an Akshaye fan it was a treat. Also, it's a bonus that he's being unanimously held up as rescuing the film from being a total disaster.

PS" I've noticed that she has Akshaye's pics in her banner today. Thanks Beth!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My views on Akshaye Khanna

First of all, thanks for keeping this site busy with your comments when I was away.

I have watched Tees Maar Khan and my first reaction was WTF? The movie is absolutely horrid. Mainly because Farah Khan couldn't even get the basic cuts and takes right. The most elementary stage direction was non-existent. Acting was horrid from big and small actors except Akshaye and Aryan Babbar.

My first reaction again on seeing Akshaye was to say WTF? But on the whole he rocked. I have always wanted to see him in an abandoned carefree role where he's totally let loose and he delivers that here. He totally rescued the movie.

Incidentally, after watching this movie some friends and I have discussed the idea that Akshaye was brilliant in all his slightly eccentric cameos-- Salaam E Ishq, Aaja Nchle and Tees Maar Khan. He's of course less happy in straight romantic roles like Taal and others. Maybe somebody should write him a full length eccentric role and make a movie out of it. Imagine the sheer joy of having Akshaye of Salaam E Ishq or Aaja Nachle in the whole movie!

There's a disparity between a star and an actor. As a star, we all imagine Akshaye as a charming debonair and sophisticated man. As an actor however, he should be free to do any role, however silly and pull it off. As a star, this is not the movie I'd imagine him in but as an actor, he was top notch and totally brilliant.