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Aakrosh Open Thread

Aakrosh is out and is getting decent reviews. I was busy last week, so sorry for not posting the reviews. One good surprise is that apparently Akshaye has the bigger role in the movie and everybody is talking about the great chemistry of Ajay and Akshaye. This is wonderful to hear, since I am growing fond of Ajay too, I hope they get to do more movies together. This is one dynamic pair.

I haven't yet watched it but as soon as I do, I'll post my views. Meanwhile, consider this an open thread to post your views. Have you guys watched it yet?

Akshay Kumar on Akshaye Khanna

Thanks for the tip.

Akshaye and Ajay promote Aakrosh

Ajay and Akshaye talk about Aakrosh

Reclusive duo Ajay Devgn and Akshaye Khanna talk about fighting honour killings in Aakrosh at the Screen preview

Neither of them is a talker but both Ajay Devgn and Akshaye Khanna find themselves completing each other’s sentences at the Screen preview for their forthcoming film Aakrosh at the Screen office in Mumbai’s Express Towers along with producer Kumar Mangat Pathak. “The film uses the recent spate of controversial honour killings in North India as the background of a typical Bollywood action-drama,” says Devgn who, fresh out of the success of Raajneeti and Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai, is now hoping for a hat-trick. Khanna, who will be seen on the big screen after a year’s gap, is quick to add, “The story has been fictionalised and we have taken precautions to not name any town or caste in particular.”

The film sees Devgn play an army officer and Khanna, a CBI officer, both sent to a small town to investigate a missing person case which they eventually discover is a murder. Directed by veteran filmmaker Priyadarshan, the concept for the film was instantly approved by Mangat who has himself witnessed one such killing in his Punjab village. “A Brahmin girl married her lower caste lover on the sly. Upon knowledge, her parents kidnapped her and were marrying her off to someone else when the boy arrived at the wedding. He was set on fire and thrashed just to set an example. The memory of it alone gives me the chills,” he recounts.

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Akshaye on Aakrosh

Akshaye Khanna the not so party sharty type of actor. He has established himself as the shy guy whom we see only during a release of his film. And this time it is Aakrosh.

Why we don’t see Akshaye often? "I love to keep a low profile. I don't like to be in the press all the time. There are some people who love to be everywhere and visible all the time. I don't like it. I like to be invisible," says Akshaye.

He believes, “My producer is paying me and promotion of the film comes under my work and I am very particular about my work. But when I am not shooting I have lots of things to do like I have a bunch of friends with whom I spend time and then I am an avid reader so on most days I pass my time by reading books. That’s how I spend my life."

Akshaye is sharing screen with Ajay in Aakrosh and he believes Ajay is one of the best actors in Bollywood, “ He is not only a wonderful actor, but also a great human being too. He is one of the rarest Bollywood people with whom I have a good relationship. Though I don’t attend many parties I know him personally and really respect him. We share a great bond in fact I was telling him that we should work together as the screen chemistry is really good between us,” says Akshaye.

“Working with Priyadarshan is always fun I have worked with him in different genres of films and we both understand each other. And Aakrosh is a different film which I am working on and I am sure you will like it,” says Akshaye.

"He's lost but brilliant"

Ajay speaks about Akshaye:

Akshaye Khanna and I did a film with Urmila called Deewangee. He is a fabulous actor. He is controlled and delivers whatever you tell him to. I don\'t know somewhere maybe he is lost but he is a brilliant actor we have in our industry.

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Interesting stuff

He has inherited his father
Vinod Khanna's debonair looks, which make the girls go weak in the knees.

From Border, to Dil Chahta Hai to Race, Akshaye Khanna has experimented with different genres and left an indelible mark on the viewers' psyche, but it's his stunning looks and elusive air that make him oh-so-attractive to his female fans. As he comes calling to TOI office to promote his film Aakrosh, Akshaye waxes eloquent on bachelorhood, bullying and hairy issues...

'Commitment phobic? Yeah!'
Start the conversation on a ragging note and grill him as to why most of the eligible bachelors of B'town happen to be commitment-phobic, and pat comes the reply: "Yes, I'm commitment phobic! Children generally steer clear of matrimony if their parents are divorced. In my case, it's a different story! See, people mostly marry to have children, but I'm not too fond of kids, so even that's not reason enough to settle down. Moreover, to marry, you need to meet the right kind of person. When that happens, I'll probably take the plunge!"

Dude of a dad!
This intense actor refuses to bite the bait when you goad him a little or compare him with his dad. Ask him with women still going gushy over his dad, does it ignite sparks of jealousy, and he flashes his cherubic smile. "How can I feel jealous if somebody showers love on a member of my family? I only envy dad because he still has a head full of hair," says he in jest, referring to his receding hairline.

'Farah's one of the boys!'
Akshaye, who has Anees Bazmee's film No Problem lined up, is also working in Farah Khan's film Tees Maar Khan. Ask him how did it feel being bullied by a lady boss, and he replies nonchalantly: "Oh, Farah's one of the boys! She's mad, just like her films; a complete fun person without any hang-ups! So, it's great working with her!"

I think this is the first time we've heard him speak about his reasons for his commitment phobia.

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Akshaye's interview--second part

He says he won't tweet ever! Sad.

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Akshaye's twitter.

Searching Twitter, I've found there is a new account for Akshaye KN Khanna. Dunno if it's our Akshaye or what KN stands for but he follows all his star pals.

Anyway, I've created my own account on twitter. It's a new thing for me, that's how technology-backward I am. I don't think I'll be active all that often but if you wanna join, search for akshayefan.

Aakrosh Dialog Promo

Watch here

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No Problem first promo

Akshaye rocks in the promo!