Friday, March 13, 2009

Akshaye attends a fundraiser

Ashika Pohoomul (daughter of Gauri Pohoomul who was there to support her), Kajal Fabiani and Tiana Chellaram co-hosted a fundraiser brunch to create awareness and garner support for underprivileged children, the proceeds of which will go to two non-profit organisations Apne Aap Women’s Collective (AAWC) and Vatsalya, which the trio work closely with.

A whole younger generation was present at the brunch, proving that our party goers have a heart indeed. There was Laila Mallya who stepped out for this cause. She was seen having a blast with Shravanya Rao. Rishi Acharya caught up with Avinash and Arpana Panjabi. Gauri’s sister Kavita Khanna was there, as was her son Akshaye Khanna. Nandini Singh and Amruda Nair indulged in some girl bonding, while Bharat Mahtani and a male friend were seen bonding too. Durga Chalani dropped by later and Gauri kept her company.

There was a substantial amount of money that was raised through this initiative and it will benefit women and children. Way to go girls, a truly remarkable way to celebrate this special day.


Friday, March 6, 2009

A good film and al successful film

It's a rumour that Akshaye refused Nagesh Kukunoor's film. I hope it's not true but it touched a raw nerve with me.

Akshaye once said that he'd be rather in a successful film than a good film. He also once said that he doesn't like doing art movies because people will think that he's doing them because he's a commerical failure (this was after Taal and before DCH).

That's not a good philosophy at all. I know that he was disappointed by the response he got from Gandhi--My Father; he didn't get any award nominations nor any box-office success. He worked hard for over a year for the movie and he got peanuts in return. That doesn't mean he should quit looking for decent movies with nice roles written for him.

He has had his share of bo-office successes. At this stage in his career, unless a miracle happens, he won't become an overnight Hrithik Roshan. He deserves that stardom but it's not gonna happen if he has such a chilled out attitude towards movie-making that he won't take the trouble of getting a decent wardrobe or improving his physique and dance skills or increase his networking and start canvassing for roles. But, that doesn't mean he should compromise on quality filmmaking, which is more important for leaving a lasting legacy. 10 years from now, not many people will be watching Naqaab, Shaadi Se Pehle and Aap ki Khatir. I bet more people will be watching Gandhi--My Father.

He does very few movies as it is. Most of the year, he doesn't work at all. I don't understand why he won't accommodate off-beat movies if they come his way. I know that a lot of off-beat directors want to work him but are terrified of his reputation. He has never encouraged art directors.

We bemoan the fact that all he gets to do are crap movies which don't do justice to his talent at all and then he keeps refusing movies like Deepa Mehta's Earth and filmmakers like Kukunoor which do come his way. I hope he realises at this stage in his career, his fans majorly are from niche, class audiences who would rather watch him in quality stuff than see him doing Govinda reprises. I also hope he realises that vanishing for over an year in between films and making his fans wait for such long periods only to comeback with sub-standard comedies is not gonna do the trick either.

I don't mind him doing silly comedies. I just want him to do some good movies to balance that. I get angry at filmmakers who ignore such a talented actor but I also get irritated when he himself shoots down promising projects. I am a fan but not an uncritical fan and I get angry when I see his potential is not used, and yes, Akshaye is also responsible for that.

I hope he realises there's no unfathomable gulf between doing successful films and good films.

Akshaye refuses Nagesh Kukunoor?

Either way, we feel bad for Nagesh. He’s been running from pillar to post and even Akshaye Khanna and Abhay Deol have turned down the film!

Nagesh is a nice filmmaker. Hope Akshaye changes his mind, if this news is true.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Meeting Akshaye

Guys, I am back in India for a few weeks. I do so much want to meet Akshaye but I am terrified because I have never done anything like this and I don't know how to go about it. I am not staying in Mumbai but can travel there to see Akshaye but I don't want to wait at the gates or make a nuisance of myself.

Any suggestions? Mail me on

He looks nice

Akshaye at Kapil Sibal's book ceremony:

Here's the video and he looks much nicer in it:

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Akshaye attends Kapil Sibal's book ceremony

the very distracting sons of Vinod—Rahul and Akshaye Khanna.

Naughty come Sexy

Nikhil Advani is geared up to churn out his new venture. And this time, he will take the naughty looking cum sexy actor Akshaye Khanna in the lead role. And guess who is making a pair with him. Yes, she is none other than Vidya Balan.

The title of the film has been finalized and it says, ‘Chand Bhai’. The movie will be produced by Nikhil himself in association with Warner Brothers.

It is about a boy who likes to be a gangster and for doing this role, Nikhil is on a look out for the guy.


Voice From the SKy to start next month?

Farhan Akhtar’s Rock On is continuously making news due to its unusual star cast and music. This film also marks the debut of Farhan Akhtar as an actor. But does this mean he’s not going to direct films? Well! No. The good news is that the Akhtar lad will direct a film after Rock On, which is titled as Voice from the Sky.

According to sources, the film will go on the floors some time next month. It is also heard that the film will in English. But the director turned actor refutes the news, “It's not! But it's a film that has tremendous international appeal. There's an audience for this film beyond India."

Farhan's partner Ritesh Sidhwani confirms, "It's a period film set in 1905 in Kolkata. It's about a child and the telephone invention. It's a fairytale. In fact, Farhan wanted to make this film immediately after Dil Chahta Hai. So far, only Akshaye Khanna has been confirmed for the film.”

Is the movie back in production or is this just rehash of news from the past?

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Shortkut getting a re-shoot?

For a title like Shortkut, the movie is taking a bit too long. A jasoos in the industry tells me that director Neeraj Vora is reshooting certain scenes at the behest of Akshaye Khanna in his desi version of the Hollywood comedy, Bowfinger.

Reason: he’s not too happy with some portions where Arshad Warsi is mouthing funny lines while he speaks his dialogue with a straight face.

Can’t blame him since Warsi is replaying Eddie Murphy’s role while Khanna is stepping into Steve Martin’s shoes.

Apparently, Akshoo wasn’t too pleased as he felt there weren’t too many light-hearted moments for his character and wants to add some more fun to it.

Now now, I just hope Amrita Rao doesn’t expect her role to be increased next. Ooooof!