Friday, March 13, 2009

Akshaye attends a fundraiser

Ashika Pohoomul (daughter of Gauri Pohoomul who was there to support her), Kajal Fabiani and Tiana Chellaram co-hosted a fundraiser brunch to create awareness and garner support for underprivileged children, the proceeds of which will go to two non-profit organisations Apne Aap Women’s Collective (AAWC) and Vatsalya, which the trio work closely with.

A whole younger generation was present at the brunch, proving that our party goers have a heart indeed. There was Laila Mallya who stepped out for this cause. She was seen having a blast with Shravanya Rao. Rishi Acharya caught up with Avinash and Arpana Panjabi. Gauri’s sister Kavita Khanna was there, as was her son Akshaye Khanna. Nandini Singh and Amruda Nair indulged in some girl bonding, while Bharat Mahtani and a male friend were seen bonding too. Durga Chalani dropped by later and Gauri kept her company.

There was a substantial amount of money that was raised through this initiative and it will benefit women and children. Way to go girls, a truly remarkable way to celebrate this special day.



Anonymous said...

How nice of Akshoo. He cares for a simple and noble function.

Anonymous said...

wow! hey u got any pics?
i really want to c akshaye there.

Anonymous said...

When is Akshaye Khanna's birthday?

20th March?
28th March?
4th April?
10th April?

I'm confused!!!!

Anonymous said...

Apin apes Akshaye Khanna really well.

Please post the video on your blog.

Anonymous said...

Is tomorrow Akshaye Khanna's birthday?

Anonymous said...

happy birthday akshaye khanna
i am disappointed that there is no post of akshaye by akshayefan on his birthday
i expected a bit news

Anonymous said...

Many Happy Returns of the day...Happy Birthday Akshaye Khanna!