Monday, September 29, 2008

Akshaye n Amrita Rao teamed again?

Anees Bazmee has been signed by Anil Kapoor for his next home production. The direction fees offered to him for the same is a staggering Rs. 15 crore.

An industry source revealed, “Anil Kapoor has signed Sanjay Dutt and Akshaye Khanna in the lead roles. Anil too shall be playing one of the leads in the film. Amrita Rao is being considered to play one of the female leads while hunt for two more actresses is still on. Amrita is playing the lead in Anil’s current in-production film, Shortkut, also starring Akshaye Khanna and Arshad Warsi.”

When contacted, Anees stated, “Yes it is true that I am going to do Anil Kapoor’s film and I have been offered Rs. 15 crore for directing it. He has offered me same also because he intends to start the film soon just after he finishes his current in-production film, Shortkut. But I don’t think so I shall do the film for such a high price offered. We have had a very successful working relationship with No Entry and Welcome. I am also doing his younger brother Sanjay Kapoor’s first production, Its My Life. The script for the Sanjay-Anil-Akshaye starrer hasn’t been completed yet. But its a complete entertainer let me assure you.”

There was a time when there was cold war of sorts happening between Sanjay Dutt and Anil Kapoor for over a decade but it got over when Sanjay Gupta who was Dutt’s production house White Feathers partner then, brokered peace between them and got Anil to sign in for their production, Musafir (2004). Sanjay returned the favour by doing an item song appearance in Anil’s Shortkut dancing along Amrita Rao and Anil Kapoor.


Akshaye on smoking

Akshaye Khanna: Smoking should be banned in public places, but not in movies.

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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Akshaye's new firend: Chunkey Pandey

Chunkey Pandey on Akshaye:

"Though he says it's tough to nurture friendships in Bollywood given the busy schedules, Arjun Rampal, Akshay Khanna and Sanjay Kapoor are among close friends that he meets up with regularly.

(Times of India)

For an allegedly aloof guy, Akshaye really has a wide range of friends.

Friday, September 26, 2008

More dope on Akshaye-Anil's new movie

Another source revealed, "Anil Kapoor's Disney film will only begin in mid-2009 but before that he intends to start a film to be directed by Anees Bazmee. Anil has even signed Sanjay Dutt for the same. Earlier, Anil had managed to rope in Dutt for a dance sequence along with himself in his current in production film, Shortkut. The new film, a comedy will also star Akshaye Khanna and Anil himself. The hunt for the three female leads in the female is still on."

When enquired, Anees admitted to having been offered the Anil Kapoor Productions film, stating, "Anil was offering me Rs 15 crore for this project, which he intended to begin soon. That's way too much for someone like me. I have done successful films like No Entry and Welcome with him and now am busy shooting for his younger brother, Sanjay Kapoor's debut production, It's My Life. So, we are like a family. I declined the amount but have considered the direction offer. But the script is yet to be worked upon."

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Akshaye vs Vinod

This article says Akshaye is not as hot as father Vinod Khanna. We beg to differ!

Did Akshaye lose Race sequel?

According to our sources, the duo has already finalised the script and is now on a look out for the cast except for the lead actor. Apparently the filmmakers are too impressed by Chhote Nawab’s royal panache to consider any other actor for the protagonist character.

As of now, Saif has confirmed to be on board with the project. But quite interestingly, Akshaye Khanna, who is a loyalist of the Abbas-Mastan camp, has not been approached for the project as yet.

Looks like Saif’s cunning streak has overpowered Akshaye’s wickedness!

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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Aamir Khan on Akshaye Khanna

Which people in the industry do you look at for opinion, if you wanted one, on discussing the merits and demerits of a movie, its chances at the Oscars, for instance?
Rakeysh (Mehra), Ashutosh (Gowariker), Farhan (Akhtar), Akshaye Khanna, Amitji – these are among the people with a discerning eye. I’d listen to their opinion on my movie with interest.

(Times of India)

More fans of Akshaye out of the closet.

AKshaye signs Anil Kapoor's new production

After making a critically acclaimed film Gandhi My Father actor turned producer Anil Kapoor has decided to concentrate on box office success too. After GMF his next release will be Shortcut which is directed by Neeraj Vora, and it is still under production. And now Anil Kapoor has signed Anees Bazme to direct his next film which will be by his home production.

Anil Kapoor who shares a good rapport with Bazme has already worked with him in No Entry and Welcome . Bazme’s recent release Singh Is Kinng has made excellent business at the box office. Anees Bazme confirmed that he has been signed by Anil Kapoor Productions. According to him the film which is yet to be titled is going to be a multi starrer film. It will star three actors and six actresses in the lead.

Anil Kapoor personally went to Phuket where Sanjay Dutt was shooting for his forthcoming film Blue to sign him. Dutt has liked the story and has agreed to do this film. This untitled film also stars Akshaye Khanna in one of the lead roles. Akshaye played an integral role in Gandhi My Father . He is also part of Shortcut.

This untitled film will commence next year.


Sanjay, Anil and Akshaye? Isn't the casting a bit odd? When will Akshaye star in young, hip movies like Rock On or Dostana?

Farhan Akthar on Akshaye Khanna

Jackie: hey...who is your best friend in the industry?
Farhan Akhtar: hi Jackie... I have many friends in the film industry. They are all special to me. The people that i spend most time with are Shahrukh, Hrithik, Farah khan, karan and Akshaye Khanna


Does he now, really?

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Akshaye chats up with Vir Sanghvi

This was one of the best interviews Akshaye ever did. Watch it here.

I always thought he clams up if he thought the questioner was stupid or asking routine questions. But, the interviewer was intelligent, he talks like a charm.

He's damn cute in the video.

PS: After writing this post, I found this quote from an old interview:

We’ve been told that Akshaye Khanna is a difficult guy to interview. He’s known to stick to one-liners and monosyllables and if you rub him the wrong way you can be shown the door. That hasn’t happened yet?
(Laughing loudly) If you don’t ask stupid questions you’re safe!


Akshaye with Benzair Bhutto

mag scans

Akshaye on VJ Salil's show

Akshaye's MBPA interview

All right hello & welcome on Star Stop as we got well very very talented Akshay Khanna with us, always give us surprises & we love his performances & back of that fabulous performance in “Gandhi My Father” & thank you for joining us.

Akshaye Kumar (AK):
Thank you for having me.

And there was mind blowing proytal by you & world loved it & I think… I think all the work & effort that u & Anil Kapoor put in it, ya it can be seen.

Ya it was special film, ya probably a… a…one of the important film of my career & something that experience & memories that I will genuinely cherish because we don't make… we don't make film that happen in the country, not lots of them.

No one have the guts to show them to all.

Ya I was privileged to be part of it & also it was a great story, it was story that very few people knew about it, it was character that you know it almost in many ways raised from history, so for me as a actor to play that was great, it was challenge & prevailed I think, ya thank you.

When we come to , this is an actually an interesting film that we are talking about today “Mere Baap Pehle Aap” the most interesting thing I find are about promos, I haven't seen such a talking promo about a long time , so it's like a narrative what's happening in the entire story.

Ya u see a… most of the Hindi film are promoted through music a… through there songs a… but we decided for this film to focus more on dialogues promo & it promoted through that, because a… we have so much material in the film, kind of hw to say, I m not trying to be pompous, we generally have a… lot of stuff which we think people will find interesting, a… much more attractive for audiences to see promos like that other than songs & dances a… because we have so much material & it worked.

To generate interest.

Ya… and I think promos had done there work.

And that's why we like it and also the premise of the film is hilarious, & because he is not looking wife for himself but wife for his father that's why it's Mere Baap Pehle Aap & a… great association with Priyadarshan as well.

Ya this is my fourth film with Priyadarshan & a… we made good film in past, they are certain combination that work, and they click and certain don't and I think me and Priyadarshan had a great run and we personally understands & genuinely fond of each other and a… I hope Priyadarshan continuously use me in his film till the time he makes them & a… I think its genuine comfort level or genuine understanding between director & actor. I think he use me quiet well, really actor's youknow… unless used well... I m sure you can understand there is not much u can do. So its director who use you well, kind of … that you get attracted to them… to work with them, a… you know what I mean…

So if I say now that u have got two fabulous team to work with, Abbas Mastan also, you had done a great job in “Race” also & you got Priyadarshan also, so do you feel as you are moving ahead or AK is progressing towards the honeymoon phase of his career now or a… middle phase of your career as u feel that you are more restricting yourself to the people that just totally comfortable with them and lesser to the new talent.

a… no I had not restricted my self to anybody, I am an actor so I should be open to anybody. I haven't work with any new talent for a while now that's not I m close to them, because I haven't come across to which caught my interest, but new talent is something definitely that a… I had been more than happy to do, if everything is right.

Everything is going to fit in place and that's basically how a film is made and that how the audience are going to see it and I think… this year is a testing time of the industry, and audiences are been very unpredictable as hit film are concern and I think this is a very tuff year, this one nice comedy coming up this year, we will take little break & coming right back.

Alright you are on Star Stop and yes AK is with us, we are glad to have you here; thank you for joining us, alright this will be the first comedy of the year.

Ya probably yes but also a… it is a hilarious film, which is also… I think after a long time I really don't think of a last Hindi film which really a… genuinely feel good for you, I think may be TZP, but TZP was not comedy, but it's a film you know… you come out of the movie feeling happy about life .

You were sure shot when you heard the script, did you straight away say yes?

What do you mean… when you say sure shot… box office wise.

No no.., as far as your thinking is considered, you were sure you will do this movie.

Yes I was sure… I was absolutely sure I will do this movie. It something… I mean it is unusual. I mean… it's not kind of story that you heard everyday… its something new, I know everybody says the same thing… I know, but it is… I mean you see the promotions, basic premise of the movie and it is… something that you haven't seen before and it is something …a… that kind of …. Very heart warming, it's that kind of film… the relationship is written so beautifully and the chemistry between me and Paresh really worked…at least I think so. You can make it when you see the film, but… because it was essential that… because story was based between father and son, the chemistry really worked & we think we manage that.

You had quite a good association with him.

Ya… I had a lot of films with Paresh now and he is great actor as everybody knows it but he is also a very nice person and we get long very well… off screen and I think we have a genuinely liking for each other and it really somewhere come on the screen and somewhere or other it rubs on the screen and I think that's really need and when you ask… what is the USP of the film than I would say you know… relationship between me and Paresh is the USP.

Where would be Ompuri Ji is fitted in the film?

Ompuri, Ompuri is a… basically Paresh's childhood friend, who a… is constantly getting him into trouble, getting my father into trouble. So I can't stand Ompuri a… because he keeps a… u know my father keeps getting into trouble because of him and it was really fun and it's almost like family member to Paresh.

So… so the whole film works out and like most Priyadarshan film, is there any characteristic ending which is beautifully choreographed with all the characters coming together a… which is nicely done and where there is lots of confusion…

I know… what you are talking about… about like the climax of Hungama.

like Malamal Weekly or whatever…

Every film is different, this film do not have that kind of climax, but a… I mean equally good and I mean equally funny but the thing that I really liked about the film is script & also our scenes. There is no wasting time in the film, it's a very... how do u say, it is very real… it is very compact film, in terms of scripting, in terms of screenplay & in terms how it has been edited, how its been in a final product & there is not… a… there is nothing a… nothing you know in the film a…which shouldn't be there or which is dragging or which is slowing the story and that very fast phase, tight and hilarious film… so… so that's good.

your confident work… alright.

One can never predict…... but a… I definitely feel that….. you know… that it's the film that people of all ages can enjoy, its not the film that targeting one section of the audience, I think… its… its universal kind of subject, in the way it been treated u know… it will be enjoy by… by anybody.

Ok but… but most of the Priyadarshan films are family entertainment, we all look forward for it, I love confusion and all that a…and then there is sanity in confusion and all that, we will take a little break & come right back and there will be lot more talk with AK.

All right Star Stop continues and AK continues chatting with us & thank you for with us & this is interesting phase, and before I talk about Genelia… I love the fact that you had chosen a very interesting role in last three- four years , very very different roles from saalme ishq, naqaab to race to Gandhi my father, its really very good run from last two three years.

Ya I think… a… I mean … I don't want to praising my self , but the fact is that fortunately for me as an actor producers, directors, writers, they do not look at me a.. in doing peculiar kind of role or film, they really offered me through out of the my career, a… a variety of stuff… you know because of actor you can choose from what you offered… right… I m not writer myself, I do not direct the film, I have to work on which people write for me and what people write for me and what people a… conceive for me and what they think I can do & fortunately for me they think… and they offered me … they continue to offered me… u know … a lot of stuff, they are more interesting for me & lot of actors a... a...

pull it of…

No… no…pull it of, like that lot of … actors a… are used by directors, by writers, so I keen very happy for it.

You are always conclude as a very malligable actor you know, u can mould in a way

So when u say I had done quite a variety of stuff a… how much time I don't know what u had mentioned , that is not because of me , because of… because of u know people offering me different stuff.

So we happen to see u in different roles , with u also, with Paresh ji also, an interesting girl , she had done good stuff done so, she is there while back , now she had couple of films coming out.

Ya I had seen her in this film , in my film& I had couple of people who actually seen her next film.

Janne Tu.

Ya which is that Aamir s film, & in which his nephew & they are getting praising for there performance as well as boy also , so I had worked with her in this movie first time and I really enjoyed it, she is very… ho do u say… u met her.


She is got very… something very innocent about her u know… and I think that her most endeavor quality as an actor, even on screen she come across very nice person, u know I am saying… very innocent kind of feel and vibe she have…

Difficult to find in girl.

Very difficult ya and that really works and she is good actress also, she is … someone who can observe and which is very important for an actors and I find specially… more often in women actors , that u know when they are directed they pretend to listen but they are not actually listening, u know what I m saying… they can really absorb what had been told to them, what I find Genelia is very… she is very listen… she genuinely listen and u know which is very good and she is spontaneous actor. She is… quiet of lot of energy on screen. I think she has a great future.

Ya… high words of praise and I think spontaneity is important also when acting with Paresh Rawal and Ompuri Ji also

Ya… these are… these are seriously great actors, Ompuri my God, and Paresh is outstanding and both are great actors, it is always …. Always more fun and more interesting to work with people who are really are in command of there craft. I m working with Ompuri first time, I had never worked with him , I always respected him and really love his performances but I never actually worked with him and I really excited to work with him and just such a gentle… he is very gentleman and such a nice human being , so soft spoken, gentle, really nice guy , really enjoy working with him and I hope in future I will work with him.

Thank u so much for joining me.

Thank u.

And as always u know… there are few actors who… u would say they know there craft very well and AK will be one of them and we always love his performances, we hope to see u in future, as lot of films comings this year as well as next year.

AK: Just one more at the end of the year.

We wish you all the very best and for more...

(B4U tv)

Children's film

“Farhan will begin directing Voice from the Sky early next year. This is a period film, set in 1905 in Calcutta when the telephone first came to India, a children’s film also featuring Akshaye Khanna. Then we have a really fabulous script — Crooked is its working title — to be directed by Abhinay Deo, an Agatha Christie kind of murder mystery of the kind that we’ve not yet seen. We will be looking at a mainstream international release for this.”

Business Standard

Friday, September 19, 2008

I am a Bachelor

The first time we were introduced to the glory called Akshaye.

Kaisi hai Yeh Agan

Two beautiful, talented people teamed for the first and last time.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Akshaye should branch out

It's great Akshaye is doing yet another Anil Kapoor movie. I am so grateful to him.

Anil Kapoor, Priyadarshan, Abbas-Mustan, Rajat Jain and now Farhan Aktar.. it's great that Akshaye has a fabulous but limited circle of admirers who trust him and keep coming back to him time after time. But it's also clear that he's being inhibited by this circle. We know the Chopra-Johar camp is closed to him because of some childhood grouses that Adi Chopra and Karan Johar have against him but there must be other filmmakers out there, new and old, who would want to work with him. Or are they all too scared of his reclsuive image?

One thing I noticed though that Akshaye wasn't first choice for many of his projects. He did challenging roles like Humraaz and DCH that no one else would touch and the directors and producers of these movies who first came to Akshaye because of compulsion, kept coming to him again and again because they liked working with him very much. Once they get to work with the real person, the media stereotype of arrogant recluse is shattered and they see how professional and talented actor he is.

That is why Akshaye should be doing more interviews, go out and talk with people more, express his interest, actively seek roles(there's nothing wrong with that), be in the public eye. That way people won't be intimidated by his reputation.

Akshaye should branch out more and do movies with other people too.

Akshaye signs a multistarrer

After scoring a hat trick with successful films like NO ENTRY, WELCOME and SINGH IS KINNG, Director Anees Bazmee is in heavy demand these days. Many producers have shown their keen interest working with Anees. And one such producer is Anil Kapoor who has roped in Anees to direct his next film. After GANDHI MY FATHER's poor show at the Box–office, the actor turned producer Anil is taking movie production business quite seriously. Since comedy is the flavour of the season Anil has decided to make comedy flicks. And Anees is currently leading the pack among entertainers.

Infact for this single project, Anil has offered Anees a whooping amount of Rs. 15 crore and already given a signing amount of Rs. 5 crore and 11 Lakhs. If the reports are to believed than this new outing with Anees would be an absolute laugh riot with 4 leading heroes.

Last week, after paying Anees a big sum, the producer and director flew down to Bangkok to sign Sanjay Dutt as one of the leading hero of this comic caper. Sanjay, who is currently shooting for his upcoming film BLUE in Phuket, gave his nod to Anil instantly as he liked the subject very much. Anil's favourite Akshaye Khanna has also been roped in to play one of the leading characters. The film is said to go on the floors by sometime next year. Meanwhile Anil is busy wrapping up his yet another comic outing SHORTKUT directed by PHIR HERA PHERI fame director Neeraj Vora.


Akshaye should do more of these. Since they are multi-starrers, they won't take much of his time and Akshaye won't be blamed too much if the movie bombs.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Kheva re Kheva

Wasn't Akshaye at his finest looking in Doli Sajake Rakhna? I don't think he looked better before or after.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Akshaye Urvashi dating?

Oops, looks like this video is from an year ago but they put it on YouTube just recently.

Akshaye praises Madhuri