Sunday, September 21, 2008

Akshaye chats up with Vir Sanghvi

This was one of the best interviews Akshaye ever did. Watch it here.

I always thought he clams up if he thought the questioner was stupid or asking routine questions. But, the interviewer was intelligent, he talks like a charm.

He's damn cute in the video.

PS: After writing this post, I found this quote from an old interview:

We’ve been told that Akshaye Khanna is a difficult guy to interview. He’s known to stick to one-liners and monosyllables and if you rub him the wrong way you can be shown the door. That hasn’t happened yet?
(Laughing loudly) If you don’t ask stupid questions you’re safe!



Anonymous said...

Hey, Akshoo looks really handsome and smart in this kind of outfits! He looks so cute in smooth black!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Akshoo is a handsome guy. I think that he is the real bachelor of India. Just by looking at Akshoo's personality, it looks that he'll always be the bachelor for lifetime.