Friday, February 29, 2008

Race dialog promo

Saif gets the dialogues, the babes and the stunts and poor Akshaye is made to look faintly ridiculous. I may give this movie a skip.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Akshaye and Mani Ratnam?

Mani Ratnam is shopping in Mumbai for his next movie. Some people at Naach Gaana want Akshaye to be cast.

If Mani had wanted AK, he would have casted him in Yuva when Bobby Deol rejected the role. He ignored Akshoo( roughly, of Bobby's group) and instead went for a much older Ajay Devgan in a college student's role.

Will he now opt for AK? I am not hoping.

Akshaye's flair was in full display last year. Forget Mani. Why haven't other intelligent directors come knocking at his door? Especially, now that Akshoo's proved his skills in alternative cinema. A question to ponder.

Akshaye mayn't be in Feroze's second movie

Here's the story where Feroze clarifies that Akshaye won't be there in his second movie. His loss:

Emboldened by the critical hosannas drawn by Gandhi My Father, its team - producer Anil Kapoor, leading man Akshaye Khanna and director Feroz Abbas Khan - may well join hands on another project shortly. Director Khan's debut film was adapted from the play Gandhi Viruddh Gandhi.

According to theatre circles, he will adapt yet another play for his second film. This time around, the inspiration is likely to Ganesh Yadav's much-appreciated Shobha Yatra, in which common people enact the role of historical characters. Incidentally, one Vijay Ghatge has already made a film on the subject featuring Divya Dutta and Vineet Kumar.

Mirror image
A source says, "Feroz's script takes off from Shobha Yatra, without affecting the basic essence of the plot. At the same time, he has incorporated incidents from the lives of real persons into his characters. Example: a parallel drawn between Saint Kabir and a character who dies in the later part of the story.

The Hindus want to cremate him, while the Muslims want to bury him. Inexplicably, Khan denied the story saying, "I'm not sure if I' ll be doing a film next. Since I come from a theatre background, there is a strong urge to direct a play. I have some subjects in mind, but nothing is finalised.

Also, since Shobha Yatra has already been made, why would I want tomake a film that takes off from the play? He conceded that he is aware of the buzz surrounding his next film in industry circles. The talk could have been prompted because I've worked earlier with Shafaat Khan, the writer of Shobha Yatra .We have been talking about doing something together again. As for for Akshaye Khanna, he may not be inmy second film.

Very busy
Khan maintains that he is been busy travelling with Gandhi My Father, which recently won the Asia Pacific Screen Award . He was felicitated at Harvard University.

In a couple of days, he will leave for the US for yet another felicitation, at the University of Chicago. "I will be tied up with this for another couple of months. After that I will think about what to do next. Apart from ideas for plays, I also have some subjects for films, realistic as well as mainstream. But I will take the final call after the end of my touring", Khan concludes.

Akshaye at Filmfare awards

AK and Priyadarshan at Filmfare Awards. As usual, it's gotta be funny:

Akshaye Khanna is touted as the most eligible bachelor these days. One would expect that he would be accompanied by an interesting, gorgeous gal… However, he was accompanied instead by filmmaker Priyadarshan, who has become interestingly 'hep'. You've got to check out his new hairstyle to see what we mean. That aside, Priyan was extremely disturbed, when we met up with him. His 'date' for the night was absconding. "Where's Akshaye? He told me he would be with me and he just disappeared!" said P, as soon as we greeted him with a fond hello. There was a search squad put on the job. And then AK emerged from the loo. He had just gone to pee, P! And then there was pee-s!

Post updated with pics.

Thanks crani from AKforum.

Akshaye, Anil and Feroze to reunite?

Akshaye, Anil and Feroze involved in another theatre remake? Looks good to me mainly becos of the great opportunity it will offer Akshaye but I'm afraid Feroze may not want Akshaye. Hope Anil would be able to convince him.

I loved this video. I thought he looks muhc better in the real video of Aap ki Khatir song than on the big screen version.

And yes, he should tends to wear jackets that are too big for him. See that small scene where he takes off the jacket and he's got awesome bod. This is a pet peeve of mine. Wish he gets rid of those jackets forever!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Akshoo, Katrine promote Race together

You have seen the pictures. Now read the story:

Promotions for Abbas-Mustan's next thriller Race kicked off even as Mumbai is witnessing unusual cold weather. The stars of the film were promoting their film, huddled in their winter best.

Actor Akshaye Khanna, certainly felt the chills saying "This is a drastic climate change, as I have never experienced this cold a climate in Mumbai and I have never worn a jacket in Mumbai, but this year I am."

Actress Katrina Kaif who has been paired with Akshaye for the first time will be seen breaking rules in speeding cars on roads.

She shared her thrilling experience saying, "One has to have nerves of steel to be in a car going that fast, there were a few car sequences towards the climax which were quite scary, they were my first experience doing action on screen but Akshaye was with me."

Despite being caught in the midst of all the action, the lady had her sense of humour intact, "When we were shooting for one music video where everyone was supposed to be in four different corners, so everyone stood in their respective corner, and when it was time for the shot each one had to be called from their respective corner because no one wanted to stand together", she jokes.

But Katrina and Akshaye share a great camaraderie which is hard to miss, and the lady is all praises for her co-star, "It was interesting at first as he never spoke much , I thought he would bite me or something ,but Akshay turned out to be a complete sweetheart and he taught me how to play chess and I have to really thank him for that", she adds.


Aaja Nachle DVD review

IndiaFM's review of the Aaja Nachle DVD release voices the frustration of every true Akshoo fan:

So what 'really' worked for the film? a) Madhuri Dixit's performance (flawless) and b) Every scene, yes every scene, which featured Akshaye Khanna with Madhuri. Let's talk about Madhuri first. Clich├ęd as it may sound but she is the sole reason, which makes Aaja Nachle watchable. It's not only the nostalgic element, it is in fact sheer effortlessness with which she carries herself in front of the camera that makes audience look in awe. A perfect example of how a lady should act!

Akshaye Khanna. Now how can this actor continue to deliver one tremendous performance after another but still not have one big success to his name that could establish him as one of the front-runners in the top league. On one end, the industry is whining and crying that there are no actors available till 2010 while on the other we let go of an actor like Akshaye Khanna so easily! Just watch out for those 4-5 scenes he shares with Madhuri. Even a hardcore Madhuri fan would agree that all eyes are reserved only for Akshaye as he displays that ever-so-famous naughty streak of his!


There are 20 minutes of deleted scenes as well though the ones, which impress most, are those, which feature Akshaye Khanna or Ranvir Shorey. There was an interesting dinner table sequence between Akshaye and Madhuri, which was chopped. Surprising, since it involved Akshaye proposing Madhuri.

Go read it all.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Akshoo jazzed up about his new toy

Akshaye Khanna with his prized possession — the emission free, REVA electric car. A chance glance at an article in a newsweekly last month got the actor all revved up and he promptly ordered the eco-friendly vehicle.
“I wasn’t aware that you could actually buy a car like this! The pleasure and personal satisfaction that I derive after using it is indescribable. It’s such a relief to know that you’ve not polluted the environment,” says Khanna.

Khanna’s car is custom-made with dent resistant body panels and can seat two adults and two kids. He’s been taking the car for his shoots and is quite enamoured by his latest purchase. Terming the car as “tremendously efficient,” Khanna says a full charge ensures the car can go up to 80 kms, which means going from Malabar Hill to the Santacruz Airport, twice over. It’s also very cost efficient and runs at 40 paise per km. The car follows one simple principle: drive all day, come home and just plug it in and it’s ready to be used again. “That makes it almost like a mobile phone,” says Khanna.

(Pune Newsline)

Akshaye to play cricket for charity

A Bollywood eleven and Chief Minister XI will play a Twenty20 match at the local TT Nagar stadium on February 23.

The match is jointly organised by the state Sports department and Vishwas cultural and Sports society.

The Bollywood XI will comprise of film and TV actors, including Akshay Khanna, Shahvar Ali, Salil Ankola, Kunal Khemu, Varun Badola and Chetan Hansraj.

The match will have all the attractions of the latest form of cricket and will be played under floodlights.

Besides, raising awareness about Sports among the youth, the match will also highlight the issue of environment protection and conservation of Bhopal's lakes.


He usually doesnt like cricket. Hope we can get some pics.

MBPA on May 23

After shooting in Goa, Kerala, Madras and Bombay, Shemaroo Films' MERE BAAP PAHLE AAP is almost complete. Only two songs now remain to be picturised. The film is being readied for release on May 23.

Being directed by comedy king, Priyadarshan, it stars Akshaye Khanna, Paresh Rawal, Om Puri, Rajpal Yadav, Genelia D'Souza, Shobhna, Archana Pooran Singh and Naseeruddin Shah (in a guest appearance).


Boy, that was quick. I'm really gettin excited about this movie!

MBPA on May 23

After shooting in Goa, Kerala, Madras and Bombay, Shemaroo Films' MERE BAAP PAHLE AAP is almost complete. Only two songs now remain to be picturised. The film is being readied for release on May 23.

Being directed by comedy king, Priyadarshan, it stars Akshaye Khanna, Paresh Rawal, Om Puri, Rajpal Yadav, Genelia D'Souza, Shobhna, Archana Pooran Singh and Naseeruddin Shah (in a guest appearance).


Boy, that was quick. I'm really gettin excited about this movie!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

That Soulful Look

Thanks, rade2rising. Newspaper scan from Naqaab time. Great pic!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Is De Silva's movie happening?

Looks like it's a genuine project, if it's been mentioned in Filmfare. Only Akshaye is mentioned in the casting in IMDB, it's a small nice touch.

If it's a Dharma Productions project, especially after Aaja Nachle, it shows that Akshaye is slowly but surely moving into Yashraj-Karan Johar camp. With both Abhishek Bachan and Saif unable to maintain Shahrukh's baton (and the likes of John Abraham, vivek Oberoi and Bobby Deol fizzling out), they do need all the talent in there. What do they say about der se aaye but durust aaye?

Also, one can't help but notice that so many first time directors want to work with Akshaye. Akshaye should come out of his shell and make use of that fact.

Hope it goes to floors soon.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Styling Akshaye

Here's the designer of Race speaking on the look of Akshaye:

Akshaye plays the younger brother of Saif but who has a very contrasting personality. His outlook towards life is very casual unlike Saif’s. His character doesn’t give a damn about what people think of him. He plays a guy who won’t mind wearing a same pair of jeans almost every day without even washing it!

Thus you will see him sporting a rugged, unkempt yet stylish look. A lot of khaki jackets with tees and faded jeans are what Akshaye sports.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Pic of the Week

Blisfully clueless

Race Music Launch--Part 5

Good to know they are promoting Race well after the dismal promotion TIPS gave Naqaab.

Race Music Launch--Part 4

Race Music Launch--Part 3

These have taken two days!

Akshaye and Katrina promote Race together

It took me nearly a day to download these photos and post them here, what with my crappy internet connection. Still, it's worthwhile as they are too sweet. Enjoy.