Thursday, February 28, 2008

Akshaye at Filmfare awards

AK and Priyadarshan at Filmfare Awards. As usual, it's gotta be funny:

Akshaye Khanna is touted as the most eligible bachelor these days. One would expect that he would be accompanied by an interesting, gorgeous gal… However, he was accompanied instead by filmmaker Priyadarshan, who has become interestingly 'hep'. You've got to check out his new hairstyle to see what we mean. That aside, Priyan was extremely disturbed, when we met up with him. His 'date' for the night was absconding. "Where's Akshaye? He told me he would be with me and he just disappeared!" said P, as soon as we greeted him with a fond hello. There was a search squad put on the job. And then AK emerged from the loo. He had just gone to pee, P! And then there was pee-s!

Post updated with pics.

Thanks crani from AKforum.


Anonymous said...

Oh Really....that naughty Akshoo went to loo leaving Priyan who kept wondering "Where's Akshaye?"...that's an off-screen situational comedy!

Anonymous said...

^Oh, I just love this incident of Akshoo n Priyan! I'm looking forward to watch their forthcoming movie Mere Baap Pehle Aap!

Anonymous said...

How funny?! ;)