Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Akshaye gets carried away

He is generally the last person to give an interview, but the first to feel passionately about something and talk about it.

Akshaye Khanna, in many of his interviews earlier, has said that he is boring and so are his interviews because he has nothing new to talk about. But it’s a different story this time. Akshaye is really excited these days and this is hard to miss in his voice. Reason, "My brand new electric car." And that’s his contribution towards stemming global warming. "I read in a newspaper the other day that Dubai was flooded with water. For God’s sake, it is supposed to be a desert. But this is what global warming is doing to the world. Ice is melting and the clock is ticking. Al Gore’s movie gave me the shivers. But what are we doing about it?" he asks. "I had read about electric cars and how they can help stem global warming on the net. But most of the cars were too expensive and beat the purpose it is made for. A car like that should also be reasonably priced so that the masses can afford it," he says.

And that’s how his black electric car has Akshay completely bowled. "Can you believe that the Mayor of London uses one such car?" asks Akshaye. When Akshaye is not giving gyan about ‘green’ cars, he is busy completing the shooting of Priyadarshan’s movie after which he will be shooting for Anil Kapoor’s next venture, Shortcut. Akshaye’s also been wanting to take a break. "I just need a week off and I will be rejuvenated. But I don’t see that happening for another three months," says he.

(Times of India)

Akshoo, dude, chill down, seriously. You're an intelligent guy, don't get carried away by this insane paranoia.


Anonymous said...

Okay why are you so peeved about him discussing about global warming- maybe the interviewer asked him about it and that new car.

I think its great how he's showing his concern about the cause.

Anonymous said...

Wow, for someone who claims to respect Akshaye Khanna you have your nerve to declare his concern for a serious issue "insane paranoia".

Anonymous said...

I think it's great too. The environment is a very important issue.