Thursday, February 28, 2008

Akshaye mayn't be in Feroze's second movie

Here's the story where Feroze clarifies that Akshaye won't be there in his second movie. His loss:

Emboldened by the critical hosannas drawn by Gandhi My Father, its team - producer Anil Kapoor, leading man Akshaye Khanna and director Feroz Abbas Khan - may well join hands on another project shortly. Director Khan's debut film was adapted from the play Gandhi Viruddh Gandhi.

According to theatre circles, he will adapt yet another play for his second film. This time around, the inspiration is likely to Ganesh Yadav's much-appreciated Shobha Yatra, in which common people enact the role of historical characters. Incidentally, one Vijay Ghatge has already made a film on the subject featuring Divya Dutta and Vineet Kumar.

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A source says, "Feroz's script takes off from Shobha Yatra, without affecting the basic essence of the plot. At the same time, he has incorporated incidents from the lives of real persons into his characters. Example: a parallel drawn between Saint Kabir and a character who dies in the later part of the story.

The Hindus want to cremate him, while the Muslims want to bury him. Inexplicably, Khan denied the story saying, "I'm not sure if I' ll be doing a film next. Since I come from a theatre background, there is a strong urge to direct a play. I have some subjects in mind, but nothing is finalised.

Also, since Shobha Yatra has already been made, why would I want tomake a film that takes off from the play? He conceded that he is aware of the buzz surrounding his next film in industry circles. The talk could have been prompted because I've worked earlier with Shafaat Khan, the writer of Shobha Yatra .We have been talking about doing something together again. As for for Akshaye Khanna, he may not be inmy second film.

Very busy
Khan maintains that he is been busy travelling with Gandhi My Father, which recently won the Asia Pacific Screen Award . He was felicitated at Harvard University.

In a couple of days, he will leave for the US for yet another felicitation, at the University of Chicago. "I will be tied up with this for another couple of months. After that I will think about what to do next. Apart from ideas for plays, I also have some subjects for films, realistic as well as mainstream. But I will take the final call after the end of my touring", Khan concludes.


Anonymous said...

Whatever Feroze Abbas Khan is saying or may say....I just hope that he changes his mind and goes ahead into signing my favourite Akshaye Khanna for his second movie!

Glad to know that Gandhi My Father, has recently won the Asia Pacific Screen Award and that it was felicitated at Harvard University.

Anonymous said...

I think Anil Kapoor must convince Feroze Abbas Khan to sign Akshaye Khanna in his second movie.