Friday, February 8, 2008

Akshaye to Katrina's rescue

The very sexy Akshaye Khanna(dressed in a denim jacket with a tee and pants) and equally gorgeous Katrina Kaif (in chic black formal trouser and suit) came to a suburban five star hotel in Mumbai last night just to launch the digital music of their forthcoming action thriller Race, an event organized by Indiatimes.

Akshaye and Katrina looked extremely comfortable in each other's company. Talking about the music Akshaye said, "Since its my film, its obvious that I'd say good things about it. However, in case of Race... its really true. The music is indeed sensational. If I were to download any particular song from the album as my caller tune on phone, it would be Atif Aslam's Pehli Nazar... a song that has been picturized on Bipasha and me."

Katrina too echoed his opinion about the music of the film but said she would download only the song which has featured her in it.

The duo then settled to give interviews, but looked like they were participating in a race ..a race between the two as to who would leave for home faster!

We however managed to reach the duo as they rushed towards their cars post their quick media interaction and what stole our attention was Akshaye's extremely sweet gesture of holding Katrina's hand and protectively escorting her towards her car! Since the duo was being chased by their fans and the press, Akshaye ensured that Katrina would stay untouched! Now that's what we call a macho man.

As we followed the duo, they smiled and answered our queries.. "I am not much of speed lover and when I was doing those action and fast car scenes, I realized one needs to have a heart of steel to perform such daredevilry! However Akshaye was with me in that car scene and he made me feel better", gushed Katrina while Akshaye hurriedly replied, "Race is not based on the Hollywood film Speed. Race is just about two brothers and their life. Their race to outdo the other is what the film is all about." Akshaye also added how he and Katrina enjoyed munching on the South African food during the shoot.

Akshaye chose not to react to the current anti-UP stance of Raj Thackeray, but that didn't bother us. His sweet gesture of protecting his co-star had already impressed us!



Anonymous said...

It's Akshaye Khanna's very sweeeeeeeeeeet gesture!! I'm sure that Salman Khan will be happy to hear this...after all Katrina Kaif is being nicely protected by our Akshooooo!

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