Thursday, February 21, 2008

Akshaye to play cricket for charity

A Bollywood eleven and Chief Minister XI will play a Twenty20 match at the local TT Nagar stadium on February 23.

The match is jointly organised by the state Sports department and Vishwas cultural and Sports society.

The Bollywood XI will comprise of film and TV actors, including Akshay Khanna, Shahvar Ali, Salil Ankola, Kunal Khemu, Varun Badola and Chetan Hansraj.

The match will have all the attractions of the latest form of cricket and will be played under floodlights.

Besides, raising awareness about Sports among the youth, the match will also highlight the issue of environment protection and conservation of Bhopal's lakes.


He usually doesnt like cricket. Hope we can get some pics.


Anonymous said...

All the Best, Akshoo! I'll be waiting for some pics!!

Anonymous said...

I thought he liked cricket? He's played cricket a few times at those charity events before.

Anonymous said...

^ Even I'm wondering about Akshaye Khanna and playing cricket...

Anonymous said...

Team Race promotes the film in full swing
Mihir Trivedi / CNN-IBN
RACING THROUGH: Stars of the film Race promote the film at the promotion event in Mumbai.