Saturday, February 2, 2008

Akshaye's fan forum

OK, it's clubbed him with Anil and it spells his name wrongly but hey, the first internet fan forum dedicated exclusively to Akshaye is up here. It has some long term Akshaye fans working for it. Visit often and contribute.

Thanks to all guys who made this happen. Damnit, we have to plug for our guy after all!


Radee said...

What u mean it spelled his nome wrongly ? the forum domain name is. can u show me whats wrong with this plz.. coz if it is wrong then i could change it :) thanks


akshayefan said...

Hey, Radee thanks for posting here. Sorry, I missed your comment.

I saw Akshaye's name spelled without an e but that's a avery small thing.

You are doing a fantastic job with the forum. My heartfelt thanks for that.

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