Saturday, February 23, 2008

Aaja Nachle DVD review

IndiaFM's review of the Aaja Nachle DVD release voices the frustration of every true Akshoo fan:

So what 'really' worked for the film? a) Madhuri Dixit's performance (flawless) and b) Every scene, yes every scene, which featured Akshaye Khanna with Madhuri. Let's talk about Madhuri first. Clich├ęd as it may sound but she is the sole reason, which makes Aaja Nachle watchable. It's not only the nostalgic element, it is in fact sheer effortlessness with which she carries herself in front of the camera that makes audience look in awe. A perfect example of how a lady should act!

Akshaye Khanna. Now how can this actor continue to deliver one tremendous performance after another but still not have one big success to his name that could establish him as one of the front-runners in the top league. On one end, the industry is whining and crying that there are no actors available till 2010 while on the other we let go of an actor like Akshaye Khanna so easily! Just watch out for those 4-5 scenes he shares with Madhuri. Even a hardcore Madhuri fan would agree that all eyes are reserved only for Akshaye as he displays that ever-so-famous naughty streak of his!


There are 20 minutes of deleted scenes as well though the ones, which impress most, are those, which feature Akshaye Khanna or Ranvir Shorey. There was an interesting dinner table sequence between Akshaye and Madhuri, which was chopped. Surprising, since it involved Akshaye proposing Madhuri.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, I wish that those scenes shouldn't have been deleted.

Anonymous said...

Every scene, which featured Akshaye Khanna with Madhuri and also the deleted scenes of Akshoo were lovely and watchable.

Anonymous said...

Akshaye is a great actor, and he can make a big impact despite the length of the role.

And Yeah I definitely agree with the writer's views, that the industry hasnt given Akshaye his due.

Anonymous said...

^The fact that Akshaye Khanna hasn't been given his deserved due is bothering me. Let's see whether Akshoo will be ignored again this year.