Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Akshaye looks terrific at Race Music Launch

... and Saif looks bleccch, very haggard.

Look at the last pic. He is mesmerising. Seriously, isn't it time Akshoo gets rid of those stupid toupees in moives? He looks so much better without them. They are the culprit. He was looking so old in Race and Naqaab and so young in Salaam-e-Ishq.


Anonymous said...

Akshaye looks better with the wigs on- he looks too old for his age without the wig.

Anonymous said...

^ But, if Akshaye Khanna gets slimmer and slimmer and trimmer and fittier, then he will look better without wigs on.

Anonymous said...

^No In my opinion, I always thought he looked better with hair- I know its not his fault that he had some hair loss- but more hair= suits him better- he also looks younger.

Doesn't any remember how he looked in 36 China Town during the Badi Dil Chaspi song. So young!


Anonymous said...

^Ok, now I agree with you. :) Yeah, he looked so young in 36 China Town - Badi Dil Chaspi song. And, he looked fit too and that's why may be that wigs suited him in that movie! Being fit is very important for Akshaye Khanna so that he doesn't looks bad when he puts the wigs on! Also, Akshaye Khanna looks smart without wigs on too!

Anonymous said...

^Yep, I agree with you.