Thursday, May 22, 2008

Acting pricey?

First it was Bipasha Basu, who is believed to have walked out of the next Abbas-Mustan film. And now, Akshaye Khanna is acting pricey with the duo.

The directors decided to turn producers a while ago. They are now ready to start their first film, which will, however, be not directed by them. Writer-turned-director Rumi Jaffrey has been roped in to direct the film.

Little did the brothers know that they would face so many problems in trying to retain their battery of faithful stars. Bipasha was the first to go. The actress had readily agreed to be a part of their next film. But once she heard that the film would not be directed by Abbas-Mustan but Jaffrey, she walked out of the movie.

The second casualty is reportedly Akshaye Khanna. Apparently when the duo approached him for the same film, he readily agreed to do it, but demanded a huge fee. When the duo reminded him of their long association and asked him to be reasonable, he turned around and told them that he would never have discussed money if they were directing the film!

Now that's the price Abbas-Mustan are paying for not directing the film!

Will Akshaye lose Abbas-Mustan projects because of this? i hope not.


Anonymous said...

Akshaye's logic doesn't make sense- so much for him being all about the script. He wants the money.

Anonymous said...

Well, I don't think that Akshaye Khanna was approached by Abbas Mustan for Rumi Jaffrey's project. We have to wait for Abbas Mustan's clarification.

Anonymous said...

^You are right! Even I don't think that Akshaye Khanna was called for that project. Also, I don't think that Bipasha Basu was called for the same project to be directed by Rumi Jaffery.

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