Thursday, May 8, 2008

MBPA wallpapers

Akshoo looks good overall. I'll say it again. Whoever released the first still should shot.


Anonymous said...

"Whoever released the first still should shot." Ha Ha Ha... ;)

At last, you are relieved, so am I...

All the Best to Akshaye Khanna and the release of Priyan's MBPA.

These wallpapers look like a mad comedy like Hungama... Looking forward to watch the film...

Anonymous said...

^ I think Mere Baap Pehle Aap will be a bigger mad comedy than Hungama. I'm glad to see Akshoo in a good shape - quite fit as compared in Race and Naqaab where he looked a bit chubby. Good Luck, Akshoo. Keep doing outstanding work.

Anonymous said...

Looks like that Akshaye Khanna's personal touch has worked wonder to these wallpapers.

I would like to mention that Taran Adarsh said right about Akshaye Khanna that he is a like chamaleon who can slip any characters with great aplomb. Seeing these wallpapers, I'm thinking that Akshaye Khanna is so good in everything he does in term of acting style. Comedy, Romantic, Patriotic, Drama and Trillers. He is really too good and these wallpapers are saying all.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic wallpapers!! I love them all!

By the way, there are more and more new stills of Mere Baap Pehle Aap at

Your lovely actress Shobhana is there too. She looks beautiful.

There are some cute pics of Akshaye Khanna with Genelia D'souza.

Please go and check!