Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Akshaye bride hunting

Akshaye, the multitalented actor said, “This is the best title of my filmi career. It goes with the subject as well. The son keeps his father’s happiness before his own. He gives more importance to his father’s happiness. The father and son both love each other a lot. This is the basic story of the film. In the film, the father is actually like the son and the son is actually like his father.”

He will be seen playing the role of Gaurav in the film. “Gaurav is a very nice person. He lives in a city and runs his shopping mall. He considers his father as his mother, his grandfather, sister, brother and everything.”

Akshaye has all praises for Priyadarshan with whom he is working for the fourth time. “He has really not changed much. He is very well prepared and makes life easy for an actor. A very good communicator, Priyan can relate and easily communicate to the audiences. There are a very few directors who use you very well. Priyadarshan uses me very well as an actor. I loved the script that he offered me.”

The actor was last seen in Race and Hungama . He also has the critically acclaimed Gandhi My Father to his credit. “There is not one particular genre that I like doing. I enjoy my work in front of the camera irrespective of the genre.”

So here’s looking forward to another comic caper coming our way this summer.



Anonymous said...

When will the news of Shortkut be out? At least some pics!

Anonymous said...

I've just visited the website of MBPA. It looks interesting. Love it.