Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Thoughts on the Naqaab website

It's really good. It has lots of stuff on it. The graphics are kinda cool. It takes lot of time to load though and why is it not on separate domain name but attached as a pop-up to the Tips site? There are a ton of pictures and Ek Din plays in the background. They've got a new song too in the music section. Looks like it has three songs with three remixes. Looks like Akshaye has two songs while Bobby has one!

Best of all, the picture make me really curious about the movie without giving the plot away. I am usually good at spotting what the storyline is long before the movie is released but so far, I couldn't figure it out. Which is good. Becase I suspect that if Abbas-Mustan can pull of even a decent twist in the story, this movie will become a big hit.

I am reading the synopsis and Akshaye is the good guy!

"The poor young guy, out of work but full of life; the kind you see in thousands in any big city. What makes him stand out is his nervous energy, his enthusiasm towards life. He is one person you just cannot hate. Hissense of humour, wite and his instinct to survive, pulls him out of the most adverse situations that life frequently hurls on him. He takes life one day at a time, past for him is of no importance, and future is something he'd never worry about. He just cannot live by the book; even when he falls i love, it is with a girl who is about to get married in a week's time.

"He has done all kinds of jobs in life, but his main passion is to become an actor. To fulfill his dream, he takes extreme steps, steps that lead him into a web of deceit, steps that he later regrets as the story matures.

"In spite of his carefree attitude, his intelligence and character comes through in the climax of the story, a hair raising climax that will make the viewers sit on the edge of their seats."

Phew! That was not very grammatical. But it whetted my apetite for this movie ! So, Akshaye is the good guy otherwise they wouldn't be talking about his character or intelligence! And it rocks when he plays clever guys, good or evil; witness , Deewangee and Humraaz. It's only when he is supposed to look innocent and clean that he has this hangdog expression. But give him a wily guy to play and he kicks some ass!

What are you waiting for? Go and have a dekko!


Anonymous said...

Thannkkzzz a lot! Great Job! Keep it Up! And, keep working hard like this! This will really help this commendable actor Akshaye Khanna to be recognized! All the best to Akshaye Khanna and your blog!
I won't comment to other articles till next week as I'm having exams! There are lots to revise! Still, I'll have a special look at your blog everyday! So, you keep working on this blog! As for me, I'm praying for my success of my BA-Graphic Design course (final year)as well as the success of my favourite hero Akshaye Khanna's career!

akshayefan said...

All the best for your exams. We are praying for your success too!

Anonymous said...

I think that it would be the best role of Akshaye Khanna in Naqaab after Deewangee being the good guy.