Friday, June 29, 2007

Bobby on Akshaye

From Bobby's interview:

Q: Akshaye Khanna says there is no person better than you.A: I also have same thoughts about him. The fact is, Akshaye himself is such a good person that he feels that all people around him are good. Akshaye is like my brother. To tell the truth, I feel that we both are alike and that's why we gel so nicely.

Who's the loner now?!


Anonymous said...

Well, Akshaye Khanna always talks positively about people working with him and those who are around him. It seems Akshaye don't gossip or badmouth about people around him...If he has problems with something with the scripts or role or shooting or whatever, he will discuss seriously with the person concerned...he don't pretend to be in good mood if he is not...

Anonymous said...

Akshaye seems like an honest guy. I admire how he doesn't beg filmmakers to cast him in movies, and believes in fair game. A lot is said about how star children have it easy when it comes to getting film offers-how they try to use parent's name to their benefit. This is what I like about Akshaye is that he doesn't depend on his dad- Vinod Khanna for success. He's a smart guy- who chooses his scripts and roles wisely.