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Akshaye's interview on Indiafm

Akshaye's interview on Indiafm.com :

Fresh after getting rave reviews for his performance in Salaam-E-Ishq, Akshaye Khanna’s platter is full of films coming up in 2007- Naqaab, Race, Shortcut and Gandhi My Father. This equally charming son of actor Vinod Khanna has delivered impressive performances in Taal, Humraaz, Dil Chahta Hai, Hungama and Salaam-E-Ishq after a forgettable launch with Himalyaputra and a string of flops that followed. A rejuvenated Akshaye speaks to IndiaFM about Naqaab and his forthcoming films.

Your film Naqaab looks similar to your film Humraaz.

It may be because of you, Bobby, Abbas-Mustan and the thriller theme.

Can you tell us something about the film?

Naqaab is a thriller and this is what Abbas-Mastan are specialized in. Every director has his own forte and Abbas-Mustan have thrillers. I don’t think anybody can make thrillers the way they make. You can say Ram Gopal Varma makes good underworld movies and Yash Chopra makes great love stories just like Abbas-Mustan make great thrillers. I don’t think it’s anywhere similar to Humraaz. The story is different, characters are different and the plot is also different. Everything is different except Bobby, me and Abbas-Mustan. There’s a new girl called Urvashi Sharma.

Are you playing a negative role in the film?

I cannot reveal the shade of the character. I am playing a regular guy, who is struggling to become an actor. It is just impossible for me to talk about the film because it will be like revealing the plot. In a thriller, the whole USP is its plot. You know, there are some films that are character driven and some are plot driven. Naqaab is a plot driven film. We have tried to make a compact film. I think audiences of today don’t have patience to sit for three hours, so we made a compact and sleek film.

This is second time you are working with Bobby Deol. Did it feel like going back to Humraaz days?

Bobby and I are friends. He is one of the nicest people that I have met in the industry. He has got a very clean heart. He is genuinely a very nice and easy person to work with. We get along really well. So it’s always wonderful to work with him.

How talented is newcomer Urvashi Sharma?

We needed someone who really didn’t have an image or was not an established actress. We wanted someone new and Urvashi is really good. Her work will be appreciated. Very few new girls get a chance to express or showcase their talent fully through their debut film. But I think she has been lucky to get that chance in her first film. Here in this film she has been given a role where she has scope as an actress.

You have worked with Abbas-Mustan in several films. How are they as a director-pair? What is that first thing that comes to your mind when they come up with a script?

I have done four films with them. We have built up a tremendous rapport and understanding with each other. I understand what they want from me as an actor. They too know what I am good at and what I am not. There is lot of understanding and a very good relationship on the personal front also. We get along like a house on fire. I know they wouldn’t come to me with something sub standard because they themselves wouldn’t settle for anything substandard. When you work with someone you must realize that it’s not only your name and credibility put to test, but it’s theirs as well. They have never come to me with anything that I have not liked.

It is said that Naqaab will be the most shocking thriller off the year. Your comment.

I think it’s a very great tag line. Naqaab is actually a shocking thriller. I think it should live up to its tagline and it will.

Is Naqaab inspired by some Hollywood film? No. I don’t think so.

Most of your films are romantic comedies and suspense thrillers. Aren't you getting action films? There are very few action films being made. One of the most recent ones is Dhoom 2 which was a good action film that released last year and now it is Shootout At Lokhandwala. The next will be Race. Race has also got some action in it. I would love to do a full-fledged action film if I get an offer. But still I haven’t really come across any tempting script.

You have done some salsa in a song of Naqaab. Did you undergo any dance training? How good are you as a dancer? It’s not salsa really. I am not a great knower of dance so I don’t know exactly what category it falls into. I don’t know exactly but it’s a bit like salsa. I haven’t taken any kind of training whatsoever for it though I did practice on the sets. I am not an actually gifted dancer like Govinda or Hrithik. They are naturally born dancers. Though I enjoy dance, I am not a very good dancer like some people are. Even if you are not perfect it is still perfect as long as you enjoy it. I do enjoy dancing and singing. It is fun.

Dancing also seems to be the theme of Aaja Nachley. What are you playing in the film?

I can’t talk about it. I am just doing a small guest appearance in the film so it won’t be right for me to talk about it. They haven’t started publicity of that film and whenever they do I’ll talk about it.

How did it feel getting back with Madhuri Dixit in Aaja Nachley after you worked with her in Mohabbat almost a decade back? What difference do you find in her now?

She is wonderful. She is a treat. Just like you give chocolate to a child, for us actors it’s Madhuri Dixit. She is a delight to work with. It’s a pleasure to watch her onscreen. She is an actress, dancer and a performer. She is a very lovely person. She looks the same like what she looked in Mohabbat. I cannot make out the difference between her age in Hum Aapke Hai Kaun and Aaja Nachley. I think she is the same. She has maintained herself so well that she is looking just as young. I think she is just the same and a very simple person. She is very down to earth and lovely to work with.

Why is your film Gandhi My Father kept so much under wraps? Is the film complete? Is it targeted particularly to the film festivals?

It’s releasing in August. It’s not for festival audience. Gandhi My father is a true and fascinating story. It’s about the relationship of Gandhi with his eldest son, Harilal. The whole world knows about Gandhi and his work. Everyone knows about Kasturba Gandhi but nobody knows anything about their four sons- Harilal, Manilal, Devdas and Ramdas. No one knows about them. They have just been erased from the history. It’s a father- son story.

Anil Kapoor is in complete awe of your performance in that film. Are you playing Gandhi’s son in the film?

I am playing Gandhi’s eldest son Harilal. The film showcases Gandhi’s relationship with him. It’s a very intimate and emotional film. There’s nothing fictional in this film. We will be lynched if there is any fiction in this film hence it is absolutely true to history. It is actually what has happened and so everyone is excited about this film.

Was that the reason Anil signed you for his next film Shortcut? That film has an interesting star cast. Can you tell us about that film?

Shortcut is starting in June. Anil Kapoor is not only a great friend of mine but also a co-actor and producer as he is the producer of Gandhi My Father. He is producing Shortcut as well. We have terrific rapport with each other. You are working with Anil Kapoor again in Race.

Is that another thriller by Abbas-Mustan? Tell us about the film. Yes, I am currently shooting for this film. Race will be releasing at the end of the year. It’s also a thriller and there is also a love story woven in the film. I can’t really talk about the film because it’s still in its embryonic stage.

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