Sunday, June 3, 2007

Anil Kapoor secretive about Gandhi--My father

From Glamsham :

There ought to be something special about Anil Kapoor ’s ambitious project Gandhi My Father .The actor has been keeping his movie very secret. Several offers and invitations have come to screen the film at various festivals, but Anil has been adamantly turning them down.

Reports have it that Anil is so secretive about the film that he has personally ensured that not even a single still from the movie gets leaked to the media.In fact, sources are quoted as saying that Anil’s film was invited for screening at the forthcoming IIFA awards in Yorkshire. But Anil is not enthused by the offer.Anil says he wants to hold back his film “until the right time comes” to publicize it. In fact, Anil is learnt to be chalking out plans to properly promote the film.The movie stars Anil himself, Akshaye Khanna and Bhumika Chawla . It is set to release in August this year.The actor says ‘Gandhi, My Father’ is a big project and has too much riding on it.Well, we do look forward to this movie.

This is not entirely correct. An extended trailer was released on in January this year. I am really puzzled by Anil's decision not to take it to film festival circuit as he had delayed the movie for ages for that reason only. I was afraid that the movie was gathering dust. No need to fear, the movie has got some soild distributors now and the promotion has started in Indian theatres. We should see this movie this August.


Anonymous said...

Of course, we must see Gandhi, My Father in August. I have been waiting for this release since 3 years. What's more, this movie features Akshaye Khanna who is my favourite. His performance is simply outstanding. I'm Akshaye Khanna's huge and craziest fan. I love Akshaye Khanna's grins and chins. He's so handsome, cool, intelligent and smart!

Anonymous said...

Akshaye Khanna is the most charming actor! Very suave, talented and stylish!