Saturday, June 23, 2007

They won't confirm!

Even before production can start, there's quite a lot of buzz surrounding the Hollywood film When Kiran Met Karen (WKMK). First the lesbian love story came into the limelight when Perizaad Zorabian was slated to play the role of Kiran, a well-known Bollywood actress in New York who confronts her own sexuality when she is cast opposite Karen, an American actress. Then there was news that Perizaad opted out of the film because she didn't feel comfortable with the role. After that came the announcement that US-Indian actress Purva Bedi and Lisa Ray were in the project. Now the latest on WKMK is that Abhishek Bachchan and Akshaye Khanna are slated to play important parts in the film. Not denying this bit of information is WKMK producer-director Manan Singh Katohora. "It's too early to talk, but my agent in Mumbai is doing some wonders in terms of the casting. Wait and watch," said Manan. When contacted Akshaye Khanna's spokesperson Rohini Iyer had this to say. "Akshaye gets a lot of scripts to read and this may be one of them. But as of now, he has not signed on any Hollywood project." Abhishek Bachchan was unavailable for comment.

I think, the director got really excited by the bit of info his agent gave him. I don't think either Akshaye or Abhi will be foolish enough to act in such a movie. Counting chickens before they hatch, if you ask me. But, please Akshaye, if you are thinnking of such a thing because it is 'Hollywood', drop it! The movie's title itself is cringe-inducing.


Anonymous said...

Hope Akshaye Khanna reads the scripts carefully and then decide with lots of attention whether he must accept this movie or not!

carla said...

I'm not sure I understand the source of your hostility to the project - you disparaged it on another post as well, but it's not clear why you are so convinced that it will be an atrocity. It sounds like a promising enough premise, at least one that could be executed well or badly depending on a wide range of factors.

At any rate, your blog is a very nice tribute to Akshaye, and I'm sorry that my first comment on it sounds critical; I just want to understand your point of view.

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