Friday, June 29, 2007

Akshaye n Anil on Karan's show?

From Karan's interview:

The Bachchan family, who I want on this season. I’m going to beg and plead to the Khan family. I’d love to get Javed and Shabana — lovely personalities.

I have thoughts on the music fraternity. Anil Kapoor and Akshaye Khanna; I’m bringing them together.

I don't get Indian TV, but this is a must-watch show. If you guys watch it, please post your reactions here. Also, if this show can be found on the net, please pass me the links.


Anonymous said...

Me too, I don't get Indian TV...I'll surely pass you the links if this show can be found on the net! For me, it's very important to have a look at some pics, articles and reactions about Akshaye Khanna especially on Karan's show. I want to see the male bonding.

Anonymous said...

No news about Akshaye Khanna in Race, Aaja Naachle and Shortcuts??

akshayefan said...

I will someday write about Akshaye's interviews but he usually is very bad at interviews. Not until he gets a seasoned interviewer like Vir Sanghvi, does he begin to be earnest in interviews. Otherwise, he is either too distracted or too narky to answer questions properly.

After saying that, I would love to see how he interacts with Anil and Karan. Anil, because I want to know why they became such good friends. Hopefully, Akshaye will impress Karan enough as Saif has walked away from his new movie.

akshayefan said...

Nothing I am afraid.

Anonymous said...

I will be very pleased if Akshaye Khanna is signed by Karan Johar for his new movie...only if the script and role are in a favour of Akshaye Khanna like for instance, Rani Mukherji in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and Hrithik Roshan/Kareena Kapoor in Kabhie Khushi Kabhie Ghum.

Anonymous said...

I'm an ardent fan of Akshaye Khanna since Dil Chahta Hai. I've not seen his first movies Himalay Putra, Border and Mohabbat. And, there are neither videos, nor VCD nor DVD of these films in the market these days. Not even @ _ I think I'm unable to find these movies though they are available. However, I would like if you can post some videos of these movie especially Himalay Putra. Please, Please...My friends are telling me after watching the trailer of Gandhi, My Father that Akshaye Khanna did a terrific performance as a newcomer too in Himalay Putra, Border and Mohabbat(with the queen Madhuri Dixit).

Beth said...

I completely agree that he's not very interesting in interviews. I've only really enjoyed one - it was with BBC Film Cafe awhile ago, I think before Salaam-e-Ishq, and he struck the right balance of being polite and engaging with not saying stupid things like most people do or talking about things he didn't want to talk about. The print ones I've read have been very unimpressive.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Akshaye has ever had a proper interview. These print interviews don't really ask him any interesting questions. Usually it has something to do with his movies, or its some speculation over whether he's dating a girl. It becomes boring . I would like to see a proper interview- based on his life experiences (child hood, growing up, school), his hobbies, thoughts about the world, songs he likes, etc. Just an interview which reveals what Akshaye Khanna is all about.

On Koffee with Karan, the interview is likely to be interesting. Karan asks different sort of questions, and not the typical ones.

Anonymous said...

Exactly, I agree with this comment that Karan Johar must ask different sort of questions, and not the typical ones. Anil Kapoor, Rahul Khanna and ex-girlfriend Tara Sharma (who is still Akshaye's best friend) should be present with Akshaye Khanna on Karan's show sometimes later after Anil Kapoor-Akshaye Khanna episode! I also agree with Beth's comment "struck the right balance of being polite and engaging with not saying stupid things like most people do or talking about things he didn't want to talk about."

Me too, I would like you to post some videos of these movies Himalay Putra, Border and Mohabbat but with subtitles ones.

Anonymous said...

I doubt Karan will have anyone that knows Akshaye on that show. It'll be 1 hr of just Anil and Akshaye. His interviews are quite casual, kind of like a meeting between friends.

Anonymous said...

Akshaye and Bobby would have been a better duo to come onto Koffee with Karan. It would have been more interesting, considering that they're good friends and their little interview from CNN IBN was rather fun. Imagine 1 hr of just them. Though Bobby has already come on with Preity before, but still would have been nice to have seen Akshaye and Bobby, considering that Naqaab is also releasing.

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