Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Akshaye, Bobby interview

BTW, CNN-IBN has a lot of Akshaye videos. Can't believe I missed this one. If only other TV networks posted them on the net? Does anybody know how to dowload these videos though?

Here's a cute one of Akshaye and Bobby together. Akshaye is laughing for a change (in the interview)!

I like the pout on Akshaye's face!

Can't believe what the reporter was saying though. Bobby had Soldier and Gupt, both solo-starrers. Akshaye had Hulchul and Hungama, can't get more solo than those two.


Anonymous said...

That's because, both Akshaye Khanna n Bobby Deol don't receive lots of trophy! Saif Ali Khan got lots of awards n he has become popular and solo-hit actor! Saif's debut was really bad though. The debuts of Akshaye Khanna n Bobby Deol (Himalay Putra, Border, Mohabbat & Barsaat) were better! Directors don't recognize the real talents that Akshaye and Bobby have! I think they are blind through the fitness and shirtless Saif that they give him some opportunities to get popularity and fame through his well-made movies and performances! But, Akshaye Khanna proves his worth as an actor in Deewangee and Bobby Deol in Humraaz! Both of them were even nominated at Filmfare Award held in 2003! Saif Ali Khan was nominated later in some awards and won too like Hum Tum! By the way, Akshaye Khanna won the Kalakar Award for Humraaz though he was the villain!!

Anonymous said...

I like Saif, but he gets way too much credit sometimes for the same old usual stuff he does. In all his Yashraj films, he's only playing boy next door kinda roles, which don't require to perform much as far as acting goes. These roles are a cakewalk for him. If he was being praised for something challenging like Being Cyrus or Omkara, its understandable.

Akshaye and Bobby are both very good actors, who haven't got a lot of due at times since the time they debuted. I'm looking forward to see them in Naqaab.

Anonymous said...

Agreed that Saif does some challenging roles like in Being Cyrus or Omkara which are really commendable...But, Saif is not better actor than Salman Khan, Akshay Kumar, Bobby Deol and Akshaye Khanna who have not won lots of awards like Saif!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, an outstanding actor like Akshaye Khanna hasn't got a lot of due at times that he deserved!

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