Friday, June 29, 2007

Gandhi--My Father works better in English

From the website, I got to know that Mahatma Vs Gandhi was an English play. That explains why the English version works better than the Hindi version. Dialogue is the chief culprit. Hindi dialogues sound too pedantic, too textual. I have checked the trailers again. I don't think the Hindi version is a dub. More likely they were shot back to back. The scene where Akshaye meets his mother in the train station, Akshaye does it differently in English and Hindi. Akshaye's interpretation is more powerful in English than Hindi.

Again, this leads me to ask: What will be teh fate of this movie overseas? I am not an expert in Academy rules, but, if eligible, can it go all the way to Oscars? Not just in Best Foriegn Film category where I have no doubt it will represent India next year but in the mainstream categories. I know that's a distant dream but one cand ream, can't one. Akshaye, nominated for Best Actor Award ! Still, I don't want to be greedy. I will settle for a few good directors waking upto Akshaye's talent and giving him more author-backed roles like this, roles that give him enough scope to perform and grow as an actor and bring joy into our lives.

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Anonymous said...

Thank You..Akshaye Khanna is really lucky to have a caring fan like you! By the way, Akshaye Khanna has to be nominated at all award functions...if not, this means that there is a favouritism especially if Abhishek Bachchan is nominated for Guru even if he deserves. Because both Akshaye Khanna and Abhishek Bachchan must be nominated if both of them happen to give their best performance. Still, it's too early to think about the nomination for Akshaye Khanna as Gandhi, My Father has not been released yet...I have seen Guru and I can say that Abhishek Bachchan can have a nomination for the best actor in Guru even if the movie/plot is quite similar to some Tamil movies and his performance reminds me of Tamil stars like Surya, Vickram, Vijay, Ajith, Arjun, Kamal Hassan, and Madhavan. Also, his actions and lousy speech are reminding me of his dad Amitabh Bachchan... This means there is an imitation even if it was not done purposely. And, for Akshaye Khanna ... it seems right now...Akshaye Khanna looks original for the role of Harilal Gandhi after seeing some new pics posted here. Thus, Akshaye Khanna deserves to be awarded.

Anonymous said...

I like Akshaye Khanna's performance as a beggar, alcoholic and old man with long-grey hair as shown in trailers! Bravo to Akshaye Khanna for taking such a mature and rare step! All the Best to Akshaye Khanna! May he win lots of awards!

akshayefan said...

Yeah, that crossed my mind too. I liked Guru as a movie and Abhishek was good. But, Akshaye is nothing short of brilliant, at least by the promos. Maybe we should wait till the movie releases.

I think they should both be nominated and Akshaye should get the final prize. My biggest fear is that they will give him that drasted critics award and give the best actor gong to Abhishek!

Anonymous said...

I like Guru and Abhishek's performance too. But, I just realize that it's quite similar to some Tamil movies as mentioned above. After all, Mani Ratnam is a Tamil Director. Still, the performance of Abhishek is quite lousy which some Tamil actors have done. So, no originality from Abhishek Bachchan's acting. I would prefer to give award to Akshaye Khanna as the best actor of the year after seeing the promos. Still, we have to wait for its release as I don't want to be greedy as Akshaye Khanna's big fan.