Thursday, June 21, 2007

Hindi preview

Here's a three minute preview of the movie. Was the movie shot in English and then dubbed in Hindi? Somehow it is not as powerful as it is in English. Akshaye's performance is still top class but somehow a notch lower than in English. I am concerned which version will be released in India.

But I am hugely excited for the English movie. It's come up really well. It is said that even Will Smith liked it. Eros thinks it's going to be a genuine crossover hit. It if it does and if the rules allow it, will Akshaye's performance reach the Academy Awards? One can dream .


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the trailer (hindi preview)! I applaud Akshaye Khanna's role (a beggar, a husband, a son and old man)! That's a lifetime role for him! But, I have not seen its English version! Please, if you have watched...tell us where can we see it (english)!

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