Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Race, a super-duper hit

Race is a great success.

It got the HIGHEST 3-day opening EVER. 22 Crores in three days just in India!

Look at the comments thread. All the people are saying that it has catapulted Saif to Khan-lvel stardom (after last year's flops) and Anil too( after Black n White just a week before but God Forbid anyone should credit Akshaye with a hit even though he was the real hero of the movie whether you go by the terms of footage( Saif n Anil were just extended guest appearances) or by acting( Akshaye was bad in parts but still much better than the other two).People came to see the movie becos of the great marketing and not just Saif( there wasn't much of him anyway in the movie) and those who watched it liked it and there's good word of mouth becos of that (Akshaye's performance should be a big part of it) and that' why it's such a huge hit. I don't mean to say Akshaye by himself would have got all this by himself but they should at least give the poor guy some credit and not blank him out like that.

They are also planning a sequel. I'd love to see a scarred AK come back and be more evil.

This canard about Abbas-Mustan favoring Akshaye must be stopped. They offered the role to Fardeen and John and Humraaz came to AK after Abhishek n Arjun refused it. Can't blame Akshaye if was the third pick for the role and still does well.

BTW, a bit thank you to John and Fardeen.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'm glad that it's finally Akshaye Khanna got to play Rajiv Singh instead of Fardeen Khan and John Abraham!

Anonymous said...

Of course, Akshaye Khanna must get credit if Race is a hit...bcoz his negative character along with other departments were so fantastic that it works at Box-Office.

Also, I'm so happy that Akshaye Khanna is really lucky to bag Humraaz and Race even if he wasn't the original choice initially. He was superb in both these films of Abbas Mustan. He gave power-packed performances in 36-China Town and Naqaab too as an actor.

I would like to see the sequel of Race...stating that Akshaye Khanna is back alive alive alive and alive as a hardcore villain with lots lots lots and lots dangerous actions for the first time ever in his career.

Whether you like it or not...but, I really like Akshaye Khanna in all Abbas Mustan's movies.

And yes, Mere Baap Pehle Aap (Akshaye Khanna-Genelia D'souza starrer) will be released on 6th June 2008 instead of 23rd May 2008.

Anonymous said...

^ Yeah!! Sequel of Race is almost welcome to me especially if Akshaye Khanna will come back! I'll be really excited if Abbas Mustan direct Race 2 with Akshaye Khanna as the main character - the villain.

Anonymous said...

I feel really happy for happy Akshaye. He deserves success!