Monday, March 24, 2008

Akshaye homesick

Contrary to rumours, Akshaye Khanna isn't unhappy with his role nor the promos in Abbas-Mustan's Race. "Where do these things start from?" Akshaye laughs heartily. "I've been in Bangkok for almost a month now shooting for my friend Anil Kapoor's Shortcut. We're going to be in Bangkok until April 20. This is the last schedule. We'll finish the film and return. So, where was the time to come home for Race? I really enjoy working with Saif. He's 24-hour entertainment. A joke-a-minute pal. And after Dil Chahta Hai he's really blossoming as an actor."

But isn't Saif moody like Akshaye? "I've never seen Saif's moody side. Am I moody? Honestly, it was a reputation well-earned at the beginning of my career. But now no longer applicable. Everyone is entitled to their highs and lows. I'm not temperamental. I get annoyed easily. But I don't get angry easily."

And right now Akshaye sitting in Bangkok is far from angry. "Race has had a smash-hit opening. It's got a bigger opening than Anil Kapoor's other release Welcome. Mine is a very effective role. My character is the karta-dharta (the mover-shaker) of the script. Abbas-Mustan had earlier cast me as negative character in Humraaz. I enjoy being wicked. Such roles are fun to play. And fun to watch. When I had heard the script of Humraaz, I told Abbas-Mustan, 'Boss I'm the hero; though conventionally I'm the villain. But my character is the most entertaining.' Sure enough people came out of Humraaz wishing me not to die."

Akshaye goes into a wicked rewind. “If you look at the history of great screen villains, for example Anthony Hopkins in The Silence Of The Lambs, audiences don't want them to die in the film. So many people have told me they didn't want me to die in Race. That's a very positive sign about my negative roles."

Akshaye can't stop glowing over the way Race has been received. "Abbas-Mustan really know how to use me well…so for that matter does Anil Kapoor. I enjoyed shooting Shortcut and Gandhi My Father for Anil as much as the films of Abbas-Mustan. I wouldn't give up either. There's a greater likelihood of people watching Race than Gandhi My Father. But no one can tell what would work, what wouldn't. I'm really proud of that film. No other film has given me what Gandhi My Father has. And it will continue to make me proud."


Anonymous said...

Sweet and optimistic boy!

Anonymous said...

Akshoo's Mere Baap Pehle Aap will be released this May 2008, right? But, the first look or some stills of this film are not out yet!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, hope you all remember that Akshaye Khanna's birthday will be on this Friday 28th March (1975)!! Don't forget to wish him!

Anonymous said...

I was reading on another forum that when Farah Khan was on Koffee with Karan. She said the following about akshaye:

"Farah said on KWK........A-Khanna is cold.....he has no appeal to him......i would never watch an A-Khanna film alone"

This probably explains why he never got called to act in OSO song.

Anonymous said...

^See the episode below, for the comment- she calls him cold.

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