Friday, March 21, 2008

C factor

Everyone's caught in the vicious web of life - vying for the top slots, the largest bank accounts, and fighting for their occupancy on the chair of power. In comparison, actor Akshaye Khanna seems content. He comes across as a man who is enjoying his journey and pursuing his passion. But where has the ambition gone? "For that I'll have to define what ambition is. Ambition to me is doing whatever one has the power to do. For an actor, being successful comes with two things - one, being a good professional, which I believe I am, and two, choosing the best films that come your way, working on yourself and your role, which I do, too" explains Khanna, from faraway Bangkok where he is shooting.

The actor has just returned from watching a film. "We had a free day today, so we just set out to watch a movie. Otherwise, we have been working at a frantic pace for hours on end. Bangkok is hot and humid right now, and our hours in the sun get us so drained, that all we want to do is get into our rooms and crash. But that is a great feeling. It's a high of sorts," he says.

We've learnt about Akshaye's hobbies - the three C's - Chess, Computer games and Cookery. "I'm a bad chess player, contrary to the popular belief that I'm an ace at the game," he confesses, "I wouldn't even be considered to play club level chess. But you know how shooting for a film is. You get so much time in between shots, that you might as well spend your time doing something you enjoy, and chess is one of the most interesting ways to pass one's time," he suggests.

About computer games, it's card games that catch his fancy. And cookery is surely an ajeeb pastime for an intellect like him to have. "I don't cook, but yes, I want to learn how to cook, simply because I love eating. I love being in the kitchen and watch people work in there. It amazes me. I wouldn't mind chopping some vegetables or stirring something," he laughs. So is the way to Akshaye's heart through his stomach? "Most certainly! There are various ways to get there, but if you try the stomach route, there are chances you'll get there faster," he jokes.

And the way to a woman's heart would be...? "Through her stomach again. I'd like my woman to enjoy her food," he shares. This leads us on to questions of Akshaye's 'most eligible bachelor' tag. Isn't Akshaye bored of it? "Not really! Such tags are perfectly welcome," he avers. And how the actor deal with speculations about dating a 'mystery woman' he won't tell us about? "Oh yes, people are still speculating where this 'mystery woman' is from. Or should I say 'mystery women' for I seem to have a woman in every port. But they missed out on Bangkok, I think". And the phone went dead.


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Anonymous said...

I don't understand Raja Sen- he's one of the worst reviewers- why does Rediff let him write reviews?

Masand, is quite critical in general- I'm surprised he did't like Akshaye much.