Thursday, March 27, 2008

Not metrosexual, but still cool

Akshaye Khanna has come out with a wee bit of a thanda performance in the Abbas-Mastan directed Race. After Gandhi My Father, there were more expectations from this quiet actor, who only explodes on screen with his powerhouse performances.

However, he did come out looking garam in other aspects. For instance, his chestful of hair was quite a sight for his female fan following. Considering that ‘metrosexual’ is the way to go now and with all our Bollywood hunks shaving off their chest hair, watching Akshaye’s thick mat of hair was quite a relief. Even the once hairy Anil Kapoor has turned over a new leaf and in Race, he sported a waxed look! So, any takers for the hairy Khanna boy?


Beth and Briyanshu, I'm waiting to hear from you guys.


Anonymous said...

Most people find hairy chests disgusting but I'm glad Akshaye is not a follower.

Even though I think he would look so good with a waxed chest- who doesn't.

But still I give him credit for showing his confidence regarding the hairy chest.

Anonymous said...

^Exactly, also Akshoo looks sexy with the hairy chest in Race and at least he can show it for only 3 - 4 movies. Then, later he can wax it off!

Anonymous said...

Race gets bigger opening week than Jodha Akbar, One Two Three set for moderate opening.

"Interestingly this is the 2nd big opener for Anil Kapoor in a multistarrer after last year’s top grosser Welcome. For Saif Ali Khan, the film offers respite after a mixed 2007. And for Akshaye Khanna the film is first grosser in a number of years."

Anonymous said...

Akshaye Khanna must wax off his hair (chest) but he must not shave it off...else, it may prick his girls onscreen. ;)

Beth said...

I'll admit Race is not my favorite of Akshaye's recent looks. I prefer Salaam-e-Ishq and 36 China Town, mainly due to his hair (on his head). I just didn't think they got that sorted out very well in Race. His and Saif's casual clothing also struck me as repetitive - both had a lot of jeans with t-shirts with text.

As for lots of chest hair, it's not my preference - Briyanshu and I may fight over men, but never for the same reasons ;)

Anonymous said...

I didn't like how Akshaye's look was styled in Race. There's something about his wig- that was bothering me. It also made him look old- and we all know how good he's capable of looking. I loved his hairstyle in Naqaab more- though the clothes were not great, but the hair was much better in that movie.

Also clothes were not impressive- barring a few scenes- of him wearing business suits.

Anonymous said...

See how good his hair looked in Naqaab

Anonymous said...

Also I think Ferzine dresses up Akshaye the best- that his personal stylist who did his clothes in 36 China Town. Ferzine also did his clothes in Aap Ki khatir and now is working on Mera Baap Pehle Aap.

Briyanshu said...

Thanks for the info - I definitely won't miss it! It's not on Netflix yet, though, I'll have to go searching. "Most people find hairy chests disgusting", "would look so good with a waxed chest" - my God, what blasphemy is this?? "The more hairy, the better the man" - I think Gandhi said that. Or he should have. I, for one, will be sure to make many caps of hairy Akshaye!!

Anonymous said...

Hairy Akshaye all the way! :)

Maia Ali said...

Hey I ma so disappointed that Akshay Khanna also joined the others and shaved his truly sexy chest hair (esp after the Race scene)...wish he would stop doing it...Briyanshu is so right...and I wish the same for Akshay Kumar! the others I do not care less but the hairier the sexier!

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