Thursday, March 20, 2008

Race reviews

Will start posting as they come along. Looks like Race will be a hit:

Akshaye is so perfect. To carry off a difficult character like this is a Herculean task and the supremely talented actor handles it with aplomb. He’s like a chameleon; he slips into various roles with remarkable ease. But the fact cannot be denied that Abbas-Mustan bring out the best in Akshaye. Watch his body of work and you’d agree that Akshaye’s performances in the director duo’s films have always stood out. (Indiafm)

Akshaye Khanna always manages to stand out in Abbas-Mastan movies, no different in Race. He is superb.(Indicine)

Akshaye Khanna with his controlled performance throws in some credibility to the going ons however silly the situation seems to be getting. But again the Humraaz mould. (Naachgaana)

Akshaye Khanna and Saif, on the other hand, were brilliant. (My News)

Akshaye's performance in the film wasn't bad considering the difficult characterization but it was easily overshadowed by Saif's. (SAWF)


Anonymous said...

Fantastic Film! Please do watch it.

Anonymous said...

Race is out and out of thriller. I just can't believe that Akshaye Khanna plays his different character so perfectly. Audiences and critics may say that Saif Ali Khan is excellent and winner in the film and that Saif holds the film on his own in his shoulder. But, for me it's Akshaye Khanna who stands out in Race - he is simply outstanding and superb.

Race - comendable film...thanks to Abbas Mustan and Akshaye Khanna.