Sunday, March 30, 2008

Just a point

Hey, somebody said I shouldn't be posting negative reviews about Akshaye on my blog. The thing is he always be my favorite star regardless of an individual movie/performance. So, when I say something critical about Akshoo's performance, I'm not being negative. I just want him to be the very best and I judge him quite strictly. I never enjoy the first time I see an AKshaye movie. I am so focused on his performance and always looking for flaws! It's like going to party for the first time in your life. I'm a nervous wreck. After that, I watch his movies without that pressure and I always enjoy watching him so much more. Hope it makes sense. I don't mean to be, I can't be negative towards him.


Anonymous said...

Its good to be critical- it makes things more interesting to read then.

Oh yeah I wanted to add that I absolutely despise that wig Akshaye wore in Race. It was awful. Who came up with that wig???

I was lookin at some old photos of Akshaye. I found this at Beth's blog, but don't you seriously miss this hairstyle?? It makes him look so much younger too. Its sad how he he went through hair loss. He had amazing hair before, and it makes him look younger too.

Anonymous said...

But I do like the wig he's got going in Mera baap pehle ap

Anonymous said...

Even I don't mean to be negative towards Akshaye Khanna. I just want Akshaye Khanna to be the best because I know that he can do the impossible like Hrithik Roshan and that he can be the best performer like Hrithik, Amir and SRK...but, he is too lazy to work hard and harder. He just comes out as a winner in Dil Chahta Hai, Humraaz, Deewangee, Hungama, Hulchul 36, China Town, Salaam-e-Ishq, Gandhi, My Father, Race,,,just because he is very very good and natural born actor. And, being his fan I expect Akshoo to do the impossible like never before because I'm confident that Akshoo can do it.

Anonymous said...

hi akshaye fan,

it was me who asked u not to post negative reviews and iam sure that u wish he bcomes the superstar in bollywood.

Jus imagine a person visiting this blog for the first time and see his(akshaye's) own hardcore fans
bein unhappy with akshoo and u know hw quick they form their opinion. it would be good if you post it part of comments but not as an article in the blog. If possible pls convey things you "despise" (in him)in person to him (if possible). Iam sure that he is underestimating himself and tell him to turn himself into a SHOWPONY if he wants to EXCEL. He is far more talented than the saifu'that he is, saaruukh's(except aamir- aamir is an exceptional student of cinema-eventhough aamir is sometimes jealous of him- u ask him who is the fav actor of his generation- he wud say "HRITHIK". well thats not an honest answer- he knows that for sure. he hates akshoo for his talent- he knows aksho will get the better of him if he 's pitted against him. Remember DCH, he grabbed akshoo's role but still Akshoo ended up with the best performance in the movie- wish AKSHOO had a father like Big B).
What i love in him is the total lack of urge to hog the limelight but still ends up doing the same.


Anonymous said...

Zee Cine Awards have completely ignored Akshaye, yet nominated SRK's stupid performance in OSO. These award shows suckkkkk!

Anonymous said...

Akshaye Khanna is one coo dude! In the acting department he can make chutti of so called stars like Sharukh and Salman without batting an eyelid.
The problem is he is too humble, too meek for the likes of Bollywood's netizens where maskaa lagaoing, being seen with a new woman makes more news than histrionics.
Why has no producer til date pitted Akhaye against the likes of Abhishek Bachchan or Akshay Kumar? Simply because Apna Akshaye to unki chutti kar dega. They all know that otherwise people like Karan Johar who make all those wonderful declarations would have signed him on by now.
Thank god for directors like Abbas Mustan who believe in good acting skills and hence keep signing Akshaye time amd time again.God Bless tbem!
Akshaye as a fan and a wellw isher kindly get rid of that wig that wig you wore in RACE (where incidentally your acting was trumps!)
It' time you changed your stylist and got someone new, someone with
the program.
I am looking forward to all your releases from now until you turn 50 plus.

Anonymous said...

Anahita Adajania designed his outfit in the Race. She was assigned for designing everyone's looks. I think her styling was decent overall, but she was trying to keep AK's styling in tact with the character. A few of Akshaye's outfits were good like the one he wore in the interrogation scene- when Anil is asking him questions (Its the gray trousers with jacket combo). Also in that banner photo Akshayefan has posted on the top of the website. Otherwise I didn't like most of the outfits.

But I think Ferzine (AK's stylist) does a good job with dressing up Akshaye. His leather jacket and jean combo in 36 China Town was good. Also liked when he wore the black vest with the jeans.

Anonymous said...

Akshayefan, though its an old pic. Don't you think Akshaye looks dashing?

Beth said...

It's essential to think critically about things - especially things we love! As one commenter says, it makes things more interesting - not to mention more balanced and reasoned.