Friday, March 28, 2008

Race gets second highest opening EVER!

Race has collected the second highest total ever of 35.60 crore nett (54.76 crore gross) in week One. The collections are extraordinary all over with circuits like Delhi/UP, Bihar and Mysore being phenomenal and setting new circuit highs. Rajasthan and Nizam also recorded near record collections.

The film has shown drops over the weekdays but the falls are not alarming and Race should have a healthy second week

The territorial breakdown is as follows

Race-Week One

Mumbai-14,50,73,230 from 311 cinemas

Delhi/UP-7,64,20,007 from 136 cinemas

East Punjab-2,51,00,711 from 55 cinemas

West Bengal-1,68,57,675 from 75 cinemas

Bihar-94,49,145 from 69 cinemas

CP Berar-1,24,29,405 from 80 cinemas

CI-84,45,906 from 37 cinemas

Rajasthan-1,55,41,935 from 46 cinemas

Nizam-2,06,19,654 from 45 cinemas

Mysore-1,78,78,573 from 31 cinemas

Other Territories-80,63,653 from 28 cinemas

TOTAL-35,60,77,022 from 915 cinemas.


That's the net figure. The Gross is upwards of 56 crores!


Anonymous said...

That's a great news for Akshoo!

Anonymous said...

Reading the comments of some Saif fans just makes me feel like rolling my eyes. They believe that Saif was the reason why the film did well, gimme a break! When you have a film with a big cast, you cannot give one person the credit for its sucess!

It might not have been Akshaye's best performance, but its rather annoying reading comments about how people didn't go watch the film for Akshaye. If that was the case, how did movies like Hulchul and Humraaz do well then.

Anonymous said...

A movie's success comes down to good marketing

Anonymous said...

Article about Akshaye's chest

Anonymous said...

Akshaye Khanna says in an interview that he doesn't bother about the quantity of appreciation for his performance in Race...he is just happy with the success of the film than anything else.

akshayefan said...

Where was this interview?

Anonymous said...

^Well, it's not exactly in an interview that I mean. It's a small news about Akshaye Khanna & Race...I forgot where exactly is that news?...But, you'll find another one which is quite same as I said on page between 2 and 5...

Anonymous said...

I find a photo of Akshaye with his reva

Anonymous said...

I know this might sound random, but has anyone ever though about how Akshaye would really suit playing role of a lifeguard- just like in Baywatch? I think he has the athletic ability to pull of such a role.

akshayefan said...

Yeah, he could be indian david Hassellhoff. All hot men are hairy!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that that you know how to appreciate the hairy men who seem hot. And, Akshaye Khanna is one of them.