Friday, July 13, 2007

Show Stealing-- RadioSargam

Abbas Mustan, the makers of superhit thrillers like Khiladi, Soldier, Ajnabee, Humraaz are now unveiling the most shocking thriller of the year titled Naqaab. Made under the banners of Tips Music Films, Naqaab also brings back the team of 2002 superhit Humraaz, Bobby Deol, Akshaye Khanna and Abbas-Mustan together.
Naqaab’s plot and characters were kept secretive right from the very beginning and this has helped it in a way to create enough hype and curiousity amongst moviegoers.
Naqaab is a thriller which witnesses two men vying for attention from the same girl.
The plot of Naqaab revolves around Sophie (Urvashi Sharma). She happens to be from a middle class background. Sophie’s character is that of a sexy and confident young girl who is engaged to Karan Khanna (Bobby Deol), a stylish millionaire.
Things move on smoothly until one day, Sophie meets Vicky Malhotra (Akshaye Khanna). Vicky is a struggling actor. He is an ambitious man who can do anything in quest of becoming an actor. Sophie’s interest in Vicky gives rise to a lot of problems in her relationship with Karan.
The film also emphasizes on the pasts of the three characters, which add more spice to the already existing tadka.

Naqaab, as a thriller gives quite a handful of shocks to its viewers towards the climax. The suspense unfolds at a rapid pace and is quite surprising. The screenplay did not work for me in the second half and the film looses it points over there. Though, the climax is quite compelling and jerky.
Naqaab is not the run of the mill stock and it is a story to watch out for. The thrilling moments are certainly the reason to call it different. The storyline is unpredictable till the very end and chooses a narrow lane to unveil the secrets. At times though, the objective of one of the central characters is not believable.
The screenplay is let loose in the second half until the climax tightens it back again. Abbas Mustan are known for their different storylines and this time too they manage to pull off a well made Naqaab. The script is not the best one you will witness, but the polished blend of narration, screenplay and script works well.
Editor Hussain Burmawala has done a good job in putting together the best portions of the film. Pritam’s music helps in the narration of the plot. Salim Sulaiman’s background score is haunting. Choreography of ‘Ek Din Teri Raahon Mein’ is elegant.
Like in Humraaz, this time too Akshaye Khanna delivers a show stealing performance. Bobby Deol leaves his stylish mark in the second half. Urvashi’s character is well crafted and the fresh look on her face is quite appealing and dangerously seductive.Vikas Kalantri gives a satisfactory performance. And, so does Vishal Malhotra.
On the whole, get some time out of your busy schedule to catch up with a ‘surpriseful’ Naqaab. The opening is not up to the mark but should improve over the weekend.