Saturday, July 28, 2007

Akshaye n Anil on Star Plus

I couldnt copy the pics from this site but there a couple of pics here.

As the final countdown to unveil the passion of the Nation and discover the AMUL STAR VOICE OF INDIA comes close quarters, zooming into the interesting phase of 'Bemisaal Barah' (or the final 12), the show this weekend along with its musical highs will have a visual treat on offer too, as it opens with Bollywood's celebrated double AK jodi - Anil Kapoor & Akshaye Khanna.
Seen together for the first time on STAR PLUS the effervescent ' E ji, O ji' Kapoor and the cool dude of Bollywood, Akshaye Khanna, will share their winning Taal-isman and many energetic & emotional moments with the bemisaal baraah. The Final 12 contestants of Amul STAR Voice of India.
The show begins with a sweeping performance by Ishmeet, who has the two celebrity guests floored with his impeccable voice on the ever green number 'E Ji O Ji' from Tezaab. An emotionally moved Anil finds himself reliving the moments of Tezaab with Ishmeet's performance and exclaims, "Puraani Yaadein Taaza Ho Gayi! " . Both the celebrity guests were all in praise for the young lad from Ludhiana for his graceful style. Tagging the evening as 'Anil Kapoor' special all the contestants from the bemisaal baraah of Amul STAR Voice of India will perform on various Anil Kapoor hits, as they exhibit their gratitude & appreciation towards the great entertainer.
Presenting the guests with the gift of their captivating voices will also be the talented duo of Aabhas & Abhilasha as they croon to Anil Kapoor's personal favorite 'Kuch Na Kaho' from the movie 1942- A love story. Pleased with the contestant's endeavor to sing such a difficult song, Anil congratulates them, to which Akshaye adds, "Dono bacche lagte hai, but awaaz main bahut dum hai…jaan hai…"
The show picks up an amazing memento as Toshi & Mirande coax Anil to join them on the stage while they sing the high-energy song Ramta Jogi …from Taal , to which this passionate music lover…jives unabashedly his well choreographed steps just as in the movie TAAL !
Completely overwhelmed with Prantik & Priyani's confidence and an awe-inspiring singing on the famous track Kate Nahi Katate from Mr. India, Anil candidly suggests that with the gifted asset of his great vocals, all that Prantik needs to do is, improve his diction!
In his complete bindaas element Kapoor will sure be a show stealer as he will keep jigging & jiving with all the other contestants: Sumitra, Aspreet, Irfan, Harshit & Prantika performing on his all time hit Bollywood tracks ranging from- Kay Sara Sara, Dhak Dhak Karne to the Ek Do Teen…. which will enthral and entertain one & all on the show. What comes as the most touching and emotional moment for Anil Kapoor is when one of the contestants honours him with a Rajasthani pagdi and beautifully renders the song 'morni baga ma…' from the popular movie ' Lamhe'.
So, stay tuned to catch this dramatic & entertaining episode of AMUL STAR VOICE OF INDIA, as the battle continues to discover the best of singing talent of the nation…Sat, July 28th, 10.00 pm only on STAR PLUS.


Anonymous said...

Yes I saw the show, it was mainly a celebration of Anil Kapoor's career, and Akshaye accompanied him to the show.

Show was nothing special

Anonymous said...

And I found Akshaye reserved in a way while Anil connected more openly with the the audience. Also I don't know why he didn't sing a few lines of Kaisi Hai Yeh Rut when a fan requested him to do so, I was little disappointed with him, because he just ignored the guy's request and started blabbing on about Anil Kapoor and how much he respected him- which is perfectly fine, but I was just somewhat disappointed that he didn't acknowlege that fan well- maybe he had a mood swing going.

Anonymous said...

You can watch that video here, just take a look at the clip at 9 min and 36 seconds.

Anonymous said...

I think the show was very special bcoz it shows the status/high standard of Anil Kapoor as a succesful actor and producer and Akshaye Khanna as a very talented actor of great caliber.