Friday, July 13, 2007

"The film belongs to Akshaye Khanna all the way"--Bollyvista

They are called the "Masters of Suspense". With 'Naqaab', Abbas-Mustan, not only prove why they are called thus, but also lay claim to the title of "Grandmasters of Suspense"!
The story is set in Dubai, where Sophiya (Urvashi Sharma) lives with her millionaire fiancée, Karan (Bobby Deol). Out at a celebration party with her girlfriends, Sophiya meets Vicky (Akshaye Khanna). Both are instantly attracted to each other. Neither the fact that Vicky is unemployed nor that she is slated to marry Karan in a few days, can deter her from falling in love with the charming Vicky. Complications follow and soon even the complications get complicated! To reveal anything more will be totally unfair.
The promos of the film might give an impression that the plot is somewhat similar to the director duo's earlier films like 'Humraaz'. But this is nothing even remotely close! Also Johnny Lever, who is a regular fixture in all Abbas-Mustan films, is missing from this one!
This film is a roller coaster ride, with umpteen unexpected twists and turns till the very end!

Kudos to the directors Abbas-Mustan, for attempting such an unconventional subject. The screenplay by Shiraz Ahmed is taut and racy. The background score by Salim Suleimaan is appropriate. The cinematography by Ravi Yadav is functional. As always, veteran editor Hussain Burmawala, maintains a tight narrative structure. The first half is a little below an hour!
Of Pritam's music, 'Ek Din Teri Rahoon Mein' is the best of the lot.
The film belongs to Akshaye Khanna all the way. He is charming and his performance is restrained.
Bobby Deol does his bit. But he doesn't have much scope to work with, until the film embarks on the latter portion of the second half.
Debutant Urvashi Sharma makes a fantastic debut and performs with aplomb. Apart from giving a decent performance, she also looks stunning and vivacious. She is definitely here to stay for a long time.
Vikas Kalantri and Vishal Malhotra ham their way to glory. Raj Zutshi has just three scenes but he is good even in this miniscule role.
This one is surely worth a watch. It's an entertainer all the way!

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