Friday, July 6, 2007

Gandhi--My Father stills


Anonymous said...

Wow, I like all the pics! Akshaye Khanna looks really "down and out and ruined completely" as mentioned by Sujatha Sharma! Is that designer Romesh Sharma's wife (Director of HUM featuring Amitabh Bachchan, RajniKant & Govinda)?
The last pic with Akshaye Khanna and Bhumika Chawla is really funny, I like Akshaye Khanna's funny expression/reaction in this pic!!!! I'm in more hurry for its release and 3rd August seems too far!!

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha Ha...Even I'm thinking that Akshaye Khanna looks comic/funny as shown in the last pic accompanied with that timid/quiet Bhumika Chawla! Akshaye Khanna is the greatest master and champion of facial expressions!

Anonymous said...

Akshaye Khanna has an interesting comic timing!

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