Friday, July 13, 2007

Filmfare slams Naqaab

In spite of being touted as the ‘most shocking thriller of the year’, (corniest tag line ever!) I would never say my expectations were sky high but they weren’t below the ground level either! To be frank, Naqaab, is in fact the ‘most disappointing thriller of the year so far’. The film's impact deteriorates as the time passes... from bad to worse to plainly absurd, illogical and seriously insane!

To get things straight, Abbas Mustan’s ‘Naqaab’ is loosely based on ‘Humraaz’ and highly inspired from Sting’s smash hit song ‘I’ll be watching you’ and thus you get to see truckloads of cameras aimed at our petite, forever caked up ‘Ameesha Patel-esque’ waitress Sophia (Urvashi Sharma) who by the way loves to wear bikinis and ride her scooter to work (which supposedly shows her poverty!) The poor girl is engaged to a millionaire Karan (Bobby, repeats his ‘Humraaz’ act) who is way too understanding and perfect to be true! Thus our ‘white-skinned’ heroine (has she by ever chance used a ‘white’ foundation on her face!) gets bored with the Richie rich and falls for a flirt, Vicky (Akshaye, over-weight and under-performs).

But things are not what they seem like. Sophia’s proximity with Vicky develops cracks in her relationship with Karan and all hell breaks loose, making one of the trio kill the other!

Who commits murder, who is the planner, who is spying on Sophia and for what reason... all your questions are answered, unfortunately none of them justify any of the events that take place earlier and thus as the suspense unfolds, it surprises you with its insanity and absurdity. In an attempt to make the climax highly unpredictable, the director goofs it up further making it even sillier and confusing!

Also, the problem with ‘Naqaab’ is the fact that it has tracks which have absolutely no relevance to the story. Also unnecessary characters come out of no where and disappear equally miraculously! Songs are forgettable but so are the film and the star performances! Urvashi is okay, but displays no chemistry with either of her co-stars. If not acting, loads of skin show will take this girl places. Bobby, it’s high time you get out of your ‘Humraaz’ meets ‘Shakalaka Boom Boom’ roles and Akshaye, what’s with the paunch, we wonder. Also before wearing those low necks, we wish you’d have gotten rid of your ample chest hair! The dress designer of Bobby and Akshaye needs to go back to his fashion designing school as their clothes are absolutely hideous! Sparing one or two funny scenes between Urvashi and Akshaye (that too inspired from Hollywood films) there is nothing worth watching in this film. Stay away from Naqaab as far as possible.

Well, you can't please anyone.

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