Friday, July 6, 2007

All eyes on Naqaab

bThe two new releases, JOURNEY BOMBAY TO GOA and MY FRIEND GANESHA, didn’t bring cheer. While J.B.T.G. opened to a 20%-25% response, the general feeling is that the film should fare better at small centres / single screens. M.F.G. opened to dull houses, but Saturday and Sunday holds the key. Will the patronage from kids come to its rescue, is to be seen.

Meanwhile, the collections of APNE were rock-steady on Friday, while AAP KAA SURROOR was strong at single screens.

Meanwhile, the industry is optimistic that NAQAAB will fetch an excellent start next Friday. The distributors and exhibitors are hopeful the film will emerge a big success.



Anonymous said...

Nice to know that the industry is optimistic about NAQAAB!! Hopefully, this Akshaye Khanna's starrer will emerge a HUGE HIT like Humraazz! All the Best to Akshaye Khanna!

Anonymous said...

Even my eyes are on Naqaab these days! I want to know about the ending sequence of Naqaab and the performance of Akshaye Khanna!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, there are lots of suspense about Naqaab. I wonder what does Abbas-Mastan duo means by this tagline: "The most shocking thriller of the year!"??????????? I can't wait for its release. Even if next Friday 13th July 2007 is near, it seems too far.