Friday, July 13, 2007

Dizzying heights

Son of illustrious actor Vinod Khanna, who ruled the roost in 70s and 80s, Akshaye Khanna began his journey in Bollywood with 'Himalyaputra' almost a decade ago. Facing several ups and downs, Akshaye has risen to dizzying heights today.

Having done a variety of roles from action to comedy to serious to romantic, he surprised everyone with his negative role in the Abbas Mustan directed 'Humraaz'. After 'Humraaz' and '36 Chinatown', he is back with the masters of suspense/thrillers Abbas Mustan in 'Naqaab', which releases this week.

Over to Akshaye to unmask his forthcoming films and much more.

Tell us about 'Naqaab' and your character in it

'Naqaab' is a suspense thriller directed by Abbas and Mustan, who are known as masters of this genre and I play Karan in it. The story can't be told in words. You have to see the film to understand its complexity.

After 'Humraaz' and '36 China Town', this is your third film with Abbas and Mustan, how is it working with them?

Abbas and Mustan are more like family to me and they know how to extract the best from me. The same goes for me, as I understand what they want me to deliver.

And working with Bobby and newcomer Urvashi Sharma?
I have worked with Bobby in 'Humraaz' and both of us are good friends. Bobby is a great human being. Urvashi is a sincere and intelligent girl and she has done a good job in her first film.

You haven't signed any film with Priyadarshan after 'Hungama' and 'Hulchul', any film in offering?

As of now no, maybe in the near future
Tell us something about your forthcoming 'Race Shooting'.
The film is on and will be released in 2008. Nothing much can be said about the film right now.

You have been appreciated for your comic timings, any comedy films in near future?

I haven't signed any comedy films but if I come across a good script I will definitely go for it.

Does your comparison with your father Vinod Khanna affect you?

No, it is natural thing for a kin to be compared with parents.

How is it working with Madhuri Dixit after a long time in Yash Raj's 'Aaja Nach Le'?

I am doing a guest appearance in it. Madhuri is the same as she was during 'Mohabbat' - beautiful, stunning and spontaneous. We were happy to work together again after 10 years.

Your upcoming projects ...

'Gandhi-My Father', 'Race', 'Shortcut' and 'Tashan'. The shooting of 'Tashan' is on. 'Shortcut' is starting in October. 'Gandhi-My Father', releasing in August is Anil Kapoor's film. It is about Gandhiji and his relationship with his eldest son. I'm playing his son Harilal.

Is 'Gandhi My Father' based on the play 'Mahatma versus Gandhi'?

Not exactly, but we have picked up a few parts from it in the movie.

Are you happy with the way things are happening in your career?

Of course (smiles)



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Hey guys, is Akshaye Khanna doing 'Tashan' with Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor??? Please, confirm this!

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Even I'm wondering about it!!

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Please, check whether Akshaye Khanna is doing Tashan or not!!

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yeah, akshayefan,,,plz tell us whether akshaye khanna is doing tashan or not??????????