Saturday, June 7, 2008

The BigFM event

The wedding bells are ringing on-air for BIG 92.7 FM's RJ Rohit, the host for Mumbai's popular evening drive time show 'Mumbai Much Much', and BIG 92.7 FM, marked the celebrations today with none other than Bollywood's most eligible bachelor Akshaye Khanna. BIG 92.7 FM's star RJ and heartthrob of many finally decided to take the plunge on-air with a grand swayamvar amid baraatis, band-bajaa & shehenaai at the colourful mandap…all making for a picture perfect wedding.

RJ Rohit - all of 6 feet with his well chiselled features and great sense of humour has a huge female fan following across the city and was looking for an opportunity to meet with his fans. It was on one of the shows that he came up with the idea which gave all his women listeners' an opportunity to come up with their most interesting & innovative on-air proposals for him. He proclaimed that he would select his on air bride from amongst the listeners who sent in the most unique on air proposals and helping him end his search for the most suitable on-air bride and playing match-maker was Bollywood's most sought after actor Akshaye Khanna, who after scanning through all the on-air proposals finally declared the funniest & wittiest proposal as the winner! The winner for the on-air contest was short listed from RJ Rohit's huge female fan following across the city, who participated with full enthusiasm, sending messages by the dozen to woo him!

The mandap was set, baraatis dancing to the band-bajaa & shehenaai, it was all in all a fun-filled event with RJ Rohit having a gala time enjoying all the attention from his female fans who came to shower him with their blessings.

Elated with the response, BIG 92.7 FM RJ Rohit said, "I am very excited with the kind of response that the contest has garnered, and you can look forward many more interesting offering from BIG 92.7 FM. It was quite a task to finalise on the winner but we zeroed down on one listener and shouldering this responsibility was none other than heartthrob of Bollywood, Akshaye Khanna. This is an initiative towards providing listeners a wholesome mix of entertainment and I enjoyed every bit of this evening."

"RJ Rohit is very popular with women and has a huge fan-following, women flocking the BIG 92.7 FM studios just to get a glimpse of him is a regular sight that one gets to witness. This initative was conceptualised to meet the wishes of listeners to meet their favourite jock and woo him. This is part of our ongoing initative to connect with listeners and ensure high levels of interactivity. The evening was well received with women from across the city thronging the studios to meet with their favourite jock and the presence of Bollywood's most eligible bachelor, Akshaye Khanna only added to the excitement of the evening." Added Mr. Sudarshan Saha, Station Head-Mumbai, BIG 92.7 FM


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Anonymous said...

Oh, so this is what "The BigFM event" all about. Nice to know that they find Akshaye Khanna worthy to make him come to the event.