Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Akshaye moves on

It’s not often that we hear a Bollywood actor taking a hurried and discreet trip to a rehab centre overseas. But Akshaye Khanna did just that. He reportedly took permission from the producers of Mere Baap Pehle Aap, his latest movie, to take time off and fly to Philippines to seek therapy for alcohol addiction. Now that he is back, he knows best how to deal with it – by moving on.

Last month, photographs of a visibly drunk Akshaye at a city pub had been splashed in many newspapers. They showed Akshaye holding on to his drink even as he was being helped into his waiting vehicle. On his return he has this to say: “We live in a world that is changing. And so is the media. One must be open enough to accept what’s on hand and move on.” Was he angry with the media to find that he had made headlines for the wrong reason? He says, “It was what it was!”

Meanwhile, he seems to have found the perfect way to put everything negative behind him. Gardening is his new-found passion. He says, “It is a great form of meditation. It is hugely satisfying to be able to eat your own onions and bhindis. I want to learn more about gardening. Fifteen minutes of gardening are enough to make me perfectly calm.”

Recalling his younger days he says, “My family has a house outside Mumbai. My earliest memories are those of me standing over the plants and watering them. Perhaps this passion has stemmed from that.”
Talking about his latest movie awaiting release on June 13, Akshaye rates it high on the list of comedies he has done till date. When asked if Mere Baap Pehle Aap will be one of those slapstick comedies by director Priyadarshan, Akshaye says, “Comedy is a genre that generally fails to touch your heart. But Priyadarshan has transformed Mere Baap Pehle Aap into something beyond a father-son relationship.”

Priyadarshan seems to be his favourite director. He says, “Working with Priyadarshan is absolutely different from working with others. On his sets, there is no bitching or gossiping. I feel liberated.” So much so that, he says he and co-star Paresh Rawal even considered asking the director if he could extend the shoot for few more days.

Though Gandhi My Father, in which he played a serious role, turned out to be a flop at the box office, Akshaye remains undaunted and says he would not want to be typecast as a comedy hero. And if there is one genre of movie that Akshaye wants to stay off, that’s science thrillers. “I am not a Star Wars fan at all. And since it is not a genre found in Bollywood, I don’t need to act in those,” says Akshaye.


Anonymous said...

holy S**t. now wat he is into alcohol. is he getting depressed again. Akshoo u cannot afford this esp that your career is moving at a good pace. Somebody just teach him to unplug in other ways(gals might be a good option)

Anonymous said...

my friend akshaye has admit that he took alchohol
reading this interview he is showing positive signs and on a rehabilation process.
everyone has his own faults and everyone makes mistakes.
but one who accept these mistakes are the only one who can move on and make thier life better.
instead of targetting the media he has honestly accepted it.
not many people do that.
i hope now he will try to reduce alchohol and also quit smoking.
a point -
i have always been touched by akshaye honestly.
never once in his interviews i have felt that he is playing games with his dear fans.
even anil kapoor on koffee with karan said that he was drawn towards him by his honesty.

Anonymous said...

^Exactly, Anmol Jain! I agree with you!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I'm surprised that Akshaye Khanna has admited that he was drunk. I appreciate his honesty to admit like this. This shows his different side as human being. Glad that he has moved on with his head up!

Anonymous said...

I guess Akshaye Khanna is honest offscreen. And, may be that's why people call him moody. But, I'm proud of him and his honest confession. And, the media must be thankful to Akshoo for this. He doesn't argue about the press.

Anonymous said...

"And if there is one genre of movie that Akshaye wants to stay off, that’s science thrillers".

I think that Akshoo has to do this kind of film - science thriller because I feel that Akshoo will do a complete justice to his character/role in science/fiction thriller. Akshaye Khanna's look and his acting grammar are also suitable to this genre of movie.

Akshoo must get a script based on this genre. I'm confident that he will surprise his audience through his performance.