Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Akshaye is Hot Property

Akshaye Khanna has a big film for release soon. Although Race did reasonably good business at the box office, Akshaye's performance went largely unnoticed. With Mere Baap Pehle Aap, Akshaye Khanna is on a stronger wicket. Priyadarshan and Akshaye have given two huge hits in the past Hulchul and Hangama. And comedy has always been Akshaye's forte.

But keeping aside his graph of hits and flops there is something to this actor that makes the women go weak in the knees. His fan following has many more women than men. And there seem to be several reasons for it…

Has Akshaye inherited his father’s looks?

There is an old adage that men with deep clefts in their chins are flirts. Akshaye may not be blessed with his father's good looks but a lot of women call him handsome. Akshaye's cleft, his strong jaw line and charismatic smile have the women falling over him. But our man seems to be the choosey sort. With the exception of one relationship with Tara Sharma we have not really heard about any link-ups alleged or otherwise.

Quiet Elegance

Akshaye doesn’t sport tags or brands or labels. He’s far too refined for that. But everything about him from his jeans to the casual t-shirts or sunglasses spell class. He's been brought up in the lap of luxury (His mother Geetanjali also came from a rich family) and Akshaye is quite the global citizen. It’s surprising Akshaye hasn’t got on to the endorsement band wagon yet but he’s the perfect icon for designer watches and sunglasses. Guess it’s only a matter of time before the corporates make a beeline to his door.

Does Akshaye hate the press?

Akshaye Khanna does not believe in seeing himself on Page 3 all the time. When he’s not promoting a film he prefers to stay out of the limelight. It’s far nicer than some upstarts who send out a press release every time they’re down with viral fever or they lose their cell phone. (Shahid Kapur, please note). And when he does open his mouth he speaks sense. Not a journo’s delight but a good policy decision from Akshaye’s point of view.

The quiet actor

Akshaye has not reached the heights of his success like his father Vinod Khanna did in the 1970s but he has carved his own niche in Bollywood. And he generally plays roles where he's the strong silent type. Even in Gandhi, My Father he kept his histrionics as minimal as possible. His dialogue delivery is always precise and terse. And sometimes he conveys volumes with a twitch of his eyebrow or the hint of a smile, which constantly hovers, around his lips.

The homely kind

Although Akshaye Khanna is not puny there's nothing overtly macho about him. He is a more of a 'thinking' man than the shirt-baring muscle-flaunting type. He looks like the kind of person who would hold the door open for a woman and show proper respect towards the older generation. In other words he's the type of guy you would like to introduce to your parents. That is if you can get him to commit in the first place. With Akshaye Khanna nobody has succeeded so far.



Anonymous said...

"Although Race did reasonably good business at the box office, Akshaye's performance went largely unnoticed"

I think that Akshaye Khanna's performance was appreciated. Yeah, it's Saif who got all the credits for the success. But that's because of Kareena Kapoor's factor.

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