Friday, June 5, 2009

Urvashi plays nurse to ex-flame Akshaye

Akshaye Khanna is on a high after signing a couple of big films in recent times. He had been on a self-induced break of sorts to figure out the kind of films he wanted to be associated with. But once he’d done that, there was no dearth of film offers for this talented actor.
Maybe it was all those story narrations coupled with bad weather that got Akshaye down with a bad case of viral. So he decided to take it easy, stay at home to rest.
But word got out and his ex-flame, actress Urvashi Sharma, also got a wind of it. She turned up at Akshaye’s doorstep the very next day to play Florence Nightingale.
Before you get any ideas, Urvashi has focused all her affections on her “close friend” Hurman Baweja and was with Akshaye only for old times’ sake. She probably knows Akshaye well enough to figure out that he’d never reach out to his close friends, even if he needed looking after.
So she decided not to let him have any say in the matter and made her presence felt in his house, looking after him as he recovered from his nasty bout of viral.
We think Urvashi is ready for an alternative profession, what say?

Ex-flame? SO, this affair has gone kaput too?

Get well soon, AK. There will be many more ladies.

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Anonymous said...

That's sweet of Urvashi Sharma...Get well soon, Akshoo.